The following events occurred in the 1870s:

Events Edit

  • The Bohemian Grove Illuminati groupe emerges.[1]
  • White prospectors find gold in Wallowa Valley, homeland of the Nez Perce.[1]
  • Twin Peaks community is founded.[1]

1870 Edit

  • Thomas Randolph Jefferson finds a cache of manuscript by his father, President Jefferson.[1]

1877 Edit

  • Summer, Chief Joseph goes to place of "Sky People" formerly visited by Lewis before retreating to Canada.[1]
  • August, General Oliver Howard contacts Colonel Nelson Miles about the Nez Perce's retreat to British Columbia.[1]
  • October 5, 30 miles south of the Canadian border, Chief Joseph surrenders to General Howard.[1]
  • For 31 years, Captain Erskine Wood and Chief Joseph plead their case to 3 different presidents.[1]

1879 Edit

  • Wayne Chance writes an entry about his finding of the Owl Cave with Denver Bob Hobbes, using a "Yakima map".[1]
  • January 14, Joseph delivers "A Plea for Peace & Equality" to Washington, D.C.[1]

Births Edit

References Edit

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