The following events occurred in the 1880s:

Events Edit

  • 3 years before the Packards, the Martells create a Sawmill.[1]
  • The Packard Mill is founded.[1]

1882 Edit

  • Opening of the first Opera House in Twin Peaks with Sarah Bernhardt performing Carmille.[2]
  • Twin Peaks pioneer General George MacDowell is buried wih his horse Prancer in Black Lake Cemetery.[2]

Circa 1885 Edit

  • 6 years after Chief Joseph plea, the Nez Perce tribe is allowed in the Oklahoma Indian Reservation.[1]

1888 Edit

  • Twin Peaks is made of shacks around Black Lake, served by the Wakahannawawak Trading Post (later known as Thor's Trading Post before being burned down sometime before the 1905 earthquake).[2]

1889 Edit

  • December 19, Reverend Isaiah Hurly notices the beginning of the Blizzard of 1889.[2]
  • Second Saturday of December, at the Candlelighting and Christmas Tree Ceremony on Meadowlark Hill, the Blizzard of 1889 kills 43 people. Edwardo Delegato and José "Shorteyes" Manuela discover the Flathead Tribe's Owl Cave.[2]
  • December 21, Katy Mullen, James Packard's secretary sees dozens of coffins in the Opera House.[2]

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References Edit

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