The following events occurred in the 1900s:

Events Edit

1900 Edit

  • Friedrich Weyerhaeuser purchases terrain in the state of Washington with James Packard as associate.[1]
  • End of the Those of Bloon club after Unguin is interned.[2]

1902 Edit

  • For two weeks before being set ablaze, because of the Packards and Martells sawmill competition, Twin Peaks river is jammed with fir and pine lags for over 7 miles starting from the falls.[1]
  • February 24, The Night of the Burning River kills 6 peoples followed by 2 others days later from injuries.[1]
  • After 7 days and 7 nights, the rain extinguishes the blaze.[1]
  • Oscar Wilde is in Twin Peaks.[2]

1903 Edit

  • A picture of Chief Joseph is taken by Edward Curtis in Seattle.[1]

1904 Edit

  • The Grange is build with the Packard Mill's douglas firs in Twin Peaks.[2]

1905 Edit

  • A smallish earthquake destroys every Twin Peaks buildings, including Horne's General Store which is rebuilt as Horne's Department Store, but except the Grange and causes fires which destroy thousands of acres.[2]
  • Orville Horne arrives in Twin Peaks and opens the Horne's Department Store. Its competitors burn down.[1]

1906-1907 Edit

  • In the Grange, timber wars between the Packard and Martell Mills.[2]

1908 Edit

  • In the Grange, speech by James Packard to stop the timber wars.[2]

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References Edit

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