The following events occurred in the 1970s:

Events Edit

  • Unknown dates[note 1]
    • c. 1972Ilsa Lindstrom discovers her husband Marty's double life and daughter Annie. Marty leaves Twin Peaks and moves in with Vivian Smith in Yakima, even though Ilsa refuses to grant a divorce.[1]
    • c. 1978 – On her deathbed, Ilsa reveals Marty's affair to her daughter Norma, who seeks out and takes a protective interest in her half-sister.[1]
    • c. 1979
      • Marty passes away the year after Ilsa, after finally agreeing to marry Vivian.[1]
      • Six weeks later, Vivian marries Yakima beer distributor Roland Blackburn, who adopts Annie. Annie is subsequently sent to a Catholic boarding school in Kennewick. In the first year, Norma is her only visitor.[1]

Years Edit

Deaths Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

  1. Adjusted back six years from The Final Dossier to match Annie's stated age and dialogue in Twin Peaks

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