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Albert Rosenfield portrays himself to others as a cynical city slicker forensics specialist in the FBI who appears to have grown insensitive and indifferent to other people and has contempt for the rural lifestyle of Twin Peaks. However Rosenfield is revealed to be in fact a conflicted man who, although cynical, holds deep moral convictions.

He alienated the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department relatively quickly, mocking Andy, and enraging Sheriff Harry S. Truman to the point where Truman lost his temper and punched Rosenfield.

He also rowed with Doc Hayward, and was very disparaging about the capabilities of the local police and medical facilities in Twin Peaks generally, showing respect only to his FBI colleagues, at least at first. He warms up to the townsfolk as the series progresses, but does not lose his sharp and ironic manner.

A later appearance, and another conflict with Sheriff Truman, led to an emotional moment where Rosenfield exposed a sensitive and peace-loving side, seemingly at odds with his acerbic surface persona and to the complete shock of the sheriff and viewers alike. Such complex, contradictory characters were typical of Twin Peaks and the works of David Lynch in general.

Next time he and the sheriff meet in the series they share a friendly hug, implying his message was taken in good faith and a bond had been formed.

In Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Albert had a minor role, and appeared in the F.B.I. offices with Gordon Cole during the reappearance of Phillip Jeffries. He also appears later on when Cooper predicts that Teresa Banks's killer will strike again, and the victim will be a woman, blonde, in high school, sexually active, using drugs, and crying out for help. Says Albert, "Well, damn, Cooper, that really narrows it down. You're talking about half the high school girls in America!"

He is also briefly in The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, under the entry recorded on the 4th February 1978 - it is implied that this is he and Dale Cooper's first meeting. This makes Albert 22 when the two first meet, according to the My Life, My Tapes canon.

He is set to appear in the 2017 revival.


Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

Albert calls the Twin Peaks sheriff's department, discussing with Agent Cooper his plans to perform an autopsy on murdered high school student, Laura Palmer.

Episode 2Edit

He arrives in Twin Peaks with his team, telling Lucy to inform Cooper of his arrival. He meets Sheriff Harry S. Truman, with whom he immediately has a tense relationship due to Albert's belief that the small town's sheriff's department is primitive and amateur, unimpressed by the findings of the autopsy. He is threatened by Harry, but brushes it off as he gets to work with his team.

Episode 3Edit

Albert gets into a fight with Doctor William Hayward, who wishes to stop his further testing on Laura's body so it can be buried for the funeral. When the argument becomes physical, he is restrained by Benjamin Horne, who takes Hayward's side. Albert insists the funeral be delayed as he continues his tests. The disagreement becomes physical once again before Sheriff Truman and Agent Cooper arrive. Albert lets out a string of insults to Sheriff Truman, who punches him and he lands on top of Laura's body. Cooper intervenes and sends the Sheriff out, then orders Albert to let the body be released.

He later presents his findings to Cooper and Truman. Laura was a cocaine user, she was bound with two types of twine, and industrial soap particles were found on the back of her neck. He also notes that wounds on her shoulders appear to be claw marks. Lastly, he presents a partially-digested plastic fragment bearing the letter 'J.'

When Truman excuses himself to go to Laura's funeral, Albert keeps Cooper behind, asking him to sign a form regarding the physical attack by the sheriff earlier in the day, but Cooper refuses.

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