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"Andy" redirects here. For the character of the same name from The Autobiography of Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, see Andy (My Life, My Tapes).

  Andy Brennan is a sheriff's deputy in Twin Peaks. Andy is a bit slow on the uptake, even "dimwitted," very sensitive, and tends to cry at murder scenes. However, he is very loyal and trustworthy, and is compared to a dog by Albert Rosenfield.

He has an on-and-off-again relationship with the station's receptionist, Lucy Moran, though she truly is his greatest love.


Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 1Edit


When Pete Martell discovers a body wrapped in plastic, Andy is called to the scene to take pictures. He cries, but this is not the first time, as Sheriff Harry S. Truman notes that the same thing happened "last year in Mr. Blodgett's barn." He hands the camera to Doctor Hayward and is sent to get a stretcher as Hayward finishes his job and they identify the body as homecoming queen Laura Palmer.

Later, Andy sits with Deputy Hawk at Twin Peaks High School as they ask Laura's boyfriend, Bobby Briggs, about his whereabouts until Sheriff Truman arrives and informs him of Laura's death. Truman then has Andy assist Bobby to make a phone call to his parents to contact their lawyer.

Later, Andy goes with the sheriff to the Palmer home, where Truman questions Mrs. Palmer about Laura and Hawk searches for possible evidence. While there, they receive a call from Lucy that a mill worker named Janek Pulaski reported his daughter, Ronette missing.

Andy, along with other deputies, finds a train car where the murder took place. He calls Lucy in tears, requesting her to tell Harry that he did not cry.

When James Hurley is arrested, he and Hawk take him to his cell.

Episode 1Edit

Andy has breakfast, watching two men weld when FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrives at the sheriff's station.

Episode 2Edit

He helps Agent Cooper set up a demonstration he has prepared for the investigation, which he calls the "Tibetan method" and uses it to determine with individuals bearing the initial 'J' could be involved with the Laura Palmer case. Cooper has Andy stand near the bottle as he throws rocks towards them. The rock for Doctor Lawrence Jacoby knocks the bottle down, but does not break it. Andy puts it back into place. He is hit in the head when the rock for Shelly Johnson is thrown. The bottle then breaks when the rock for Leo Johnson is thrown.

Episode 3Edit

Andy contacts Sheriff Truman, informing him that a fight has broken out between Doctor Hayward and Albert Rosenfield at the morgue on whether Laura's body should be released for the funeral or kept for more tests. When it becomes physical, he is helped by the present Benjamin Horne to restrain them. The argument becomes physical once more before Sheriff Truman arrives with Agent Cooper. Truman punches Albert and Cooper orders the body be released, taking Hayward's side.

Andy comes to inform Sheriff and Truman when it is time for Laura's funeral.

Episode 4Edit

Andy sketches a gray-haired man that Sarah Palmer saw in a vision.

He returns to the sheriff's station with Harry, who goes to the conference to meet Cooper and Doctor Jacoby. Andy then asks Lucy why he could not spend the previous night with her, but she ignores the question, instead asking him if he will be having coffee.

After Jacoby leaves, Andy goes to the conference room and shows the finished sketch to Cooper and Truman. Cooper says that he saw this man in a dream he had. A call is then received from Hawk, who has seen a one-armed man that is wanted for questioning.

Andy goes with Cooper and Truman to the Timber Falls Motel, where the one-armed man, Gerard is staying. When they approach the room, Andy draws his gun but drops it, making it go off. Truman sends him away as he and Cooper kick in the door.

He looks around Gerard's hotel room, finding his sample case of right shoes.

When they go to the Lydecker Veterinary Clinic, Cooper asks Andy to go to the nearby convenience store to pick up twine, bringing him Finley's Fine Twine.

They bring back files from the clinic and he apologizes for what happened with his gun. He is told by Harry to meet in the pistol range, and on the way he sees Lucy, who brushes him off.

Cooper asks him about his current situation with Lucy, and he says he does not know why she will not talk to him. He then practices shooting, but is told he needs practice.

As he looks through the files with Harry and Cooper, Cooper's superior, Gordon Cole calls, saying that the bird they are looking for is either a parrot or myna bird. Andy then finds a file on a myna bird named Waldo owned by Jacques Renault.

Episode 5Edit

The next morning, Andy assists Sheriff Truman's investigation in Jacques's apartment and is ordered to get donuts for Agent Cooper, which he brings with a cup of coffee.

He then goes to the Johnson home and speaks to Shelly, asking about Leo's current whereabouts. She tells him that she overheard an argument about Laura between Leo and Jacques. He tells her to call the sheriff's department whenever Leo gets in touch with her then leaves.

Episode 6Edit

Andy enters the sheriff's station and goes to Lucy, who still does not want to talk to him.

When a gunshot rings out in the conference room, he goes in with the other lawmen to find that Waldo has been shot.

Episode 7Edit

Andy sits with Sheriff Truman on a stakeout, awaiting Jacques to cross the border. Harry asks him about his situation with Lucy, which has not improved. Jacques soon arrives and they arrest him, but he puts up a fight. He disarms an officer and nearly shoots Sheriff Truman, but Andy manages to calmly shoot him in the arm.

Later at the sheriff's station, he stands with Hawk, Ed, and some other lawmen as they discuss his heroic actions earlier in the evening. Lucy listens in and goes to the kitchen area. The other men encourage him to follow her and he does, closing the divider behind him. He and Lucy kiss until the announces she is pregnant and Andy leaves.

Season 2Edit

Episode 8Edit

After Cooper's line is hung up, he goes with Truman and Hawk to the special agent's room at the Great Northern, where they find him on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound.


When Albert Rosenfield returns comes to Leo Johnson's home, Andy calls out to Sheriff Truman, calling Albert "Agent Rosenflower." As he runs inside to warn Truman, he steps on a loose board, which smacks him in the face. Harry finds that this has revealed a hidden pair of boots and cocaine.

Back at the station, Andy goes to Agent Cooper and informs him that Leo had been imprisoned in Hungry Horse, Montana on February 9, 1988, which Albert notes to be the night Teresa Banks was murdered. This lessens Leo's status as a suspect in Laura's murder, if they were indeed killed by the same person.

Agent Cooper has Andy and Lucy search copies of Flesh World for a picture of Teresa Banks.

He sits in the conference room as Agent Cooper goes over the events that occurred the night Laura died. He cries, looking at a photo of Laura. Albert mocks him, which upsets him more. Now calling him "Albert Rozerfeld," he stands up to defend the Sheriff against his verbal attacks, then leaves.

Episode 9Edit

Andy struggles with tape as he hangs a poster of "Bob" in the Double R Diner.

Later, he paces outside of the sheriff's station before mustering up the courage to come in and talk to Lucy. After a small struggle for her to listen to him, he reveals to her that he is sterile and wishes to know how she is having a baby. Lucy leans closer to him, which he assumes to expect a kiss, but she instead pulls a piece of tape off of his head and closes the window on him.

Episode 11Edit

Andy confides in Doc Hayward that he needs to have a sperm test done. Doc gives him a vial to use for his sample and goes out to his car. On his way to the bathroom with an issue of Flesh World, he bumps into Lucy, who sees the magazine and their proximity to the bathroom and is disgusted with him.

He runs into another deputy and drops his sample, which rolls under a chair. He chases after it and Cooper tells him not to move. He asks Andy where he got his boots, which he says are from Philip Gerard. He gets his sample and leaves.

He later attempts to speak with Lucy, who is upset with catching him with the magazine. Cooper then arrives and dismisses him, and he watches through the window as the FBI man talks to Lucy.

Andy escorts Leland past a room where Lucy cries and to the conference room, where Truman and Cooper are with Judge Clinton Sternwood. After the proceedings are delayed due to the absence of prosecutor Daryl Lodwick, Andy leads Leland back to his cell.

Episode 12Edit

He attends Leland's hearing, making sketches of the proceedings.

With Lucy out of town to see her sister, Andy sits at the receptionist's desk and calls for his sperm test results. He is informed that he had oligospermia at the time of his previous test, but no longer has it. Realizing what this means, he declares "I'm a whole damn town!"

While going through sticky notes on the desk, he finds a number written under "Gwen and Larry," Lucy's sister and brother-in-law. He calls the number but is shocked to find that it is for Adam's Abortion Clinic.

Episode 14Edit

Andy has coffee with Hawk, Cole, Cooper, and Philip Gerard - now displaying a different personailty: a spirit known as Mike - outside the receptionist's desk. Harry comes to tell them that everything is ready for their trip up to the Great Northern.

He goes with Cooper and Truman to the hotel, where he brings guests one-by-one to Mike to determine if they are the host of BOB, who is also a spirit. Mike has a seizure when Ben Horne enters the room.

Later, he goes to assist the arrest of Ben Horne, who has been named a prime suspect in the murder of Laura Palmer.

Episode 15Edit

Andy goes to the sheriff's station, where he sees Lucy holding a baby, which causes him to faint.

Lucy holds ice on his head as Gwen tells him about how she used to pass out when she was pregnant. He attempts to tell Lucy about the results of his tests, but Gwen interrupts until they tell her to shut up and she goes away. He then reveals the results of his sperm test.

Episode 16Edit

While eating a crepe at the diner, he recites "J'ai une âme solitaire," the suicide note of Harold Smith. Donna comes with James, the former asking what he means by this and if he knows a Mrs. Tremond, but he says no and explains the suicide note.

He goes with Donna and Agent Cooper to Mrs. Tremond's house. He takes Donna home after reading a once-missing page from Laura's diary.

He goes to Lucy at the station, wishing to talk about their child. However, Lucy informs him that he may not be the father and that Dick Tremayne may be. Andy calls Horne's Department Store and asks for Dick.

Lucy sits him down in a room with Dick and she tells them she wants full cooperation from both of them throughout her pregnancy.

Episode 17Edit

Andy overhears a conversation between Dick and Lucy concerning the baby. He intervenes, stating that there should not be any fighting between them.

As Agent Cooper prepares to leave Twin Peaks, he expresses his admiration for Andy's bravery and his large heart. However, Cooper is stopped at the door by Special Agent Roger Hardy, who informs Cooper that he has been suspended from the FBI.

Episode 18Edit

Andy and Hawk go to Sheriff Truman's office with a matching scarf and ascot for Dougie Milford and his wife-to-be Lana Budding.

Later, as Dick arrives at the station, Andy leaves potted flowers at Lucy's desk. Dick introduces him to a young boy named Nicky, who he has temporarily adopted from Happy Helping Hand. Tremayne wishes to go with a malted with Nicky ad Lucy, but Andy tells him that Lucy is helping set up for the Milford wedding at the Great Northern and offers to go with them instead.


They go to the diner, where Andy and Dick get pie while Nicky gets his malted he was promised. Nicky blows whipped cream into Dick's face, which amuses Andy. However, when he stands to get Dick a napkin, Nicky spins his stool, causing him to fall when he sits back down.

He later attends the Milford wedding, where he dances with Denise Bryson at the reception.

Episode 19Edit

Andy introduces Dick to Nicky's case manager, Judy Swain, who explains to them that Nicky may be traumatized by events such as his parents' deaths under mysterious circumstances. Sheriff Truman comes in to get Andy, as there is an emergency at the Great Northern.

At the hotel, Dougie Milford has died of an apparent heart attack. After Mayor Milford comes and weeps over his brother, Andy escorts him out.

Dick comes to the station and tells Andy that he believes Nicky is the devil and killed his parents. He sees Lana Milford and is taken by her charms, just like the rest of the men.

Episode 20Edit

Andy goes to the station, late for a meeting with Dick, as he was saving a cat from a tree. Dick tells him that Nicky's records are sealed, but he comes up with a plan to retrieve them, so they can find out what happened to the boy's parents.

They break into the Happy Helping Hand's files and find the one belonging to Nicky. A couple identifying themselves as the Brunstons enter, eager to see a little boy named Donnie.

Andy is called in as backup at the Dead Dog Farm, where Cooper is being held hostage by Jean Renault.

Episode 21Edit

After a body is found in Sheriff Truman's office, Cooper has Andy look for fingerprints on a chess pawn found in the dead man's mouth.

Andy tells Lucy that Little Nicky murdered his parents when he was 6 years old. Lucy says she does not believe him and does not find he or to be Dick suitable fathers.

He retrieves Truman and Cooper and takes them to the conference room, where Doctor Jacoby waits with Lana Milford. After Jacoby tells them that Lana is not cursed, but possesses a high sexual drive, they leave to go bowling, but are confronted by Mayor Milford with a rifle. Cooper has the mayor and Lana settle their differences alone as the rest of the men wait outside. The agent soon gives the order to enter the room, where Lana is kissing Dwayne, who announces their plan to adopt a child.

Later in the evening, Doctor Hayward orders Andy, Lucy, and Dick together for a meeting concerning Nicky. Hayward dismisses the accusations about Nicky being a murderer. He explains that Nicky was conceived by rape and that his mother died in childbirth and that his adoptive parents died in a car accident.

Episode 24Edit

Andy plays a game of chess against Lucy, who is frustrated when he moves one of his knights without doing the "little hook thing," as he believes it is optional. However, Pete corrects him.

Later, he keeps watch on Harry, who is drunkenly tearing up the Bookhouse, following the death of his beloved Josie Packard.

In the evening, Andy appears as a model for the Stop Ghostwood campaign's fashion show. After the endangered weasel is presented, it bites Dick's nose and becomes loose, causing a panic among the attendees.

Episode 25Edit

Andy drops through the ceiling at the station in front of Lucy's desk, practicing his spelunking skills for the department's excursion to Owl Cave. He gives her his word that he will be careful.

At the cave, the men find the symbol Cooper came to find, but then owls swoop over them. Andy swings his pickaxe and it becomes stuck in the cave wall, which then causes part of the wall to be pushed out, revealing a petroglyph.

Episode 26Edit

The men return to the cave, where someone else has been - Windom Earle. Cooper has Andy draw the petroglyph.

Back at the station, Andy again draws the petroglyph onto the conference room's blackboard, with Major Briggs correcting one of the lines.

He later attends Dick's wine-tasting event with Lucy and displays his knowledge on fine wines. However, he swallows the wine instead of spitting it out.

Later in the evening, he is called to a crime scene where a large wooden box has been found. He brings his metal detector in case it is a bomb, but it is revealed to be a large pawn with a dead youth inside.

Episode 27Edit

Andy cries as a friend of the victim tells the lawmen about him.

When he goes back to the station, Lucy asks for his help on her speech for the Miss Twin Peaks Contest and also reveals that in 24 hours, she will reveal who will act as the father of her baby, regardless of its biological parentage.

Later, he, Cooper, and Truman try to decipher the petroglyph. Briggs has yet to arrive, so Harry has Andy call his home.

Episode 28Edit

Andy studies the petroglyph. He soon discovers that it is a map and his attempts to tell Agent Cooper are ignored. He accidentally knocks over the bonsai plant in the room, revealing that it had a microphone planted in it by Earle.

He follows Cooper and Truman to the Miss Twin Peaks Contest, still trying to get the former's attention, but he arrives as Lana Milford begins her talent - an exotic dance - and is mesmerized.

After the speeches, Lucy pulls Andy and Dick aside to announce to them that she has chosen Andy to be the father of her child. Dick congratulates him and Andy expresses his excitement of being a father, but then excuses himself to find Agent Cooper.

Amid the chaos following Annie Blackburn's win, Andy manages to find Cooper and tells him that the petroglyph is a map.

Episode 29Edit

Back at the station, Andy asks Lucy if she was scared, and she states her worry that they may become stuck in an elevator at the hospital when she is in labor with their child. Andy declares that if this happens, he will help her deliver the baby in the elevator. They share a kiss and, for the first time, say "I love you."

Andy goes to Glastonbury Grove to Sheriff Truman. There they wait for ten hours until Andy goes to get coffee and breakfast for the sheriff.

Twin Peaks: The Missing PiecesEdit

Upon hearing that Harry's suggestion that they set a trap for Bernard Renault, who is coming in from Canada, he makes a stray comment that he'll be coming in on foot. After a long silence, Harry asks if he means they will have a lot of trails to cover. Andy denies this, explaining he thinks it will be a very long hike.

Later, he and Harry are enjoying the doughnuts and coffee Lucy set out when she calls them over the intercom to let Harry know Josie Packard heard a prowler outside her house. Harry leaves, telling Andy to monitor the radio for a call from Hawk. Harry hears Lucy screaming a few moments later (she was surprised by Sheriff Truman appearing in front of her), and runs out into the hallway, colliding with her as she is going back to make sure he is still there.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks Edit

He is a Bookhouse Boys member. His favorite book is The World According to Garp by John Irving

Twin Peaks (2017)Edit

Harry Goaz is set to reprise the role in the 2017 revival. He has confirmed that Andy is still a deputy.[1]


Lucy MoranEdit


Andy and Lucy

Despite Lucy's boredom with Andy and the fact that she dated Dick, Andy is devoted to Lucy. Although he was initially shocked at Lucy's pregnancy announcement, he quickly accepts the responsibility to be the baby's father, regardless of who is biologically responsible.

Dick TremayneEdit

Andy and Dick's relationship starts as a rivalry, due to the love triangle with Lucy. The two men later formed a mutual respect through the process of proving their fatherhood capabilities to Lucy.

Dale CooperEdit

Andy immediately finds a respect for Agent Cooper, who expresses his admiration for Andy's bravery and his large heart.

Sheriff Harry S. TrumanEdit

Harry acts as a sort of "older brother" type to Andy, always gently expressing his annoyance with Andy's sensitive nature, but also knowing his value to the local law enforcement.

Deputy HawkEdit

Andy works closely with Hawk, and as a result, his fellow deputy becomes a sort of wingman to him in his relationship with Lucy, encouraging him to talk to her when she is alone and attempting to advise him with the Dick Tremayne situation.

Non-canon appearancesEdit

International PilotEdit

This section covers the alternate ending in the International Pilot. See the Pilot section for the events that occur prior to it.

At Lucy's house, Andy plays trumpet while Lucy plays with a paddle-ball. Lucy gets a call from Leland Palmer, whose wife possibly saw Laura's killer.

Andy goes to the hospital with Sheriff Truman, where Cooper comes to meet with a man who called him, Claiming to know who killed Teresa Banks a year ago.

Saturday Night Live sketchEdit


Andy (played by an uncredited Conan O'Brien) brings a handcuffed Leo Johnson to Agent Cooper's room at the Great Northern after Leo confesses to murdering Laura.

Even after much evidence is shown to Cooper, he is unconvinced that Leo did it. Andy leaves with Leo and Sheriff Truman.

Behind the scenes Edit

In the International Pilot, he is revealed as a trumpeter, albeit not a very good one.


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