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Audrey Horne fits the image of a "poor little" rich girl, able to have anything she wants except for her father's love. She eventually discovers that her father, Benjamin Horne, the town's business magnate, gave his love to the deceased Laura Palmer, both physically and emotionally.


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Audrey is labelled a troublemaker and she initially lives up to that expectation. In a memorable scene in the Twin Peaks pilot, she derails one of her father's business deals, worth millions of dollars, by interrupting a meeting of Norwegian investors and telling them about Laura's murder.

Although Audrey and Laura were not friends, Audrey says she "kind of loved Laura" because Laura tutored Audrey's developmentally-disabled brother Johnny.

She tries to help investigate Laura's murder by infiltrating a Canadian brothel, One-Eyed Jack's, as a hostess. She remains at the brothel for several episodes that bridge the series' first and second seasons, jeopardizing her life, while she makes some profoundly disturbing discoveries, such as that her father owns the place.

During the first season of Twin Peaks, Audrey develops a crush on FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. In the show's second season, writers planned a serious relationship between Cooper and Audrey, but actor Kyle MacLachlan, who played Cooper, vetoed the plan. He argued that Cooper would not become involved with a high school-age woman. Cooper did, however, become involved with another young woman (Annie Blackburn, about 20 years old) toward the end of the season. Cooper admits to Audrey during their last significant conversation that the real reason why he would not pursue her was for her own safety. During a previous FBI case, he fell in love with a young woman who was then murdered, and perhaps because of Cooper's own carelessness.

Later in the second season, Audrey flirts with Bobby Briggs and then has a romantic affair with one of her father's business associates, John Justice Wheeler.

Audrey's character develops considerably during the series. In the beginning she is portrayed as salacious and deceiving; she seems intent on pulling pranks to put her father's business in jeopardy. Midway through the second season she reverses course and becomes a key participant in Benjamin's
financial ventures, displaying a fierce loyalty despite her father's past deceptions. Her change-of-heart is attributed to a desire to do good, inspired by Agent Cooper.
She finds evidence to relieve Cooper of legal charges that were pressed as a result of Cooper's extra-jurisdictional raid on One-Eyed Jack's. Later, at her father's request, she frequently places business ahead of romance. She also lets Benjamin Horne pressure her into entering the Miss Twin Peaks beauty pageant, for which she delivers an impassioned speech in favor of saving endangered species.

In sharp contrast to Laura Palmer, as well as to the sultry image that Audrey herself projects at One-Eyed Jack's, Audrey is actually quite chaste. In one of the last episodes she reveals that she is a virgin. Subsequent events then suggest an abrupt and completely voluntary change in her status.

In the series finale, Audrey is engaged in an act of civil disobedience at
the local bank to save the local forest. While she is chained to the door of the bank vault, a bomb explodes inside the vault. This was a booby trap left as an ironic reward in a long treasure hunt, planted by the late Thomas Eckhardt. Andrew Packard, Pete Martell, and an elderly banker are the ones closest to the blast, and Audrey's fate is left ambiguous. Sherilyn Fenn stated in an interactive chat on America Online that, if there had been a third season of the show, her character was slated to have survived the explosion.

Also in the finale, it is suggested that Audrey is actually the half-sister of Donna Hayward, whose real father turns out to be Benjamin Horne. Audrey and Donna were on polite terms but never close friends.

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 1Edit


Audrey leaves her home at the Great Northern Hotel and is driven to Twin Peaks High School. After arriving, she changes out of her shoes into a pair of red heels whilst smoking a cigarette at her locker, observed by Donna Hayward. She then goes to class, where she sits in the front row. A deputy comes in and speaks to the teacher, who then says there will be an announcement of the death of Laura Palmer, which she listens to.

Later, Audrey sits at the Great Northern concierge desk, where she sticks a pencil into a Styrofoam cup of coffee and overhears orders to not tell the attendants at her father's meeting with Norwegians about Laura's death, for it would ruin the deal Mr. Horne is trying to come to with them. She pulls the pencil out, getting coffee all over the concierge's papers. She goes into the meeting and tells the Norwegians that her friend Laura was found naked and had been murdered.


She giggles as the Norwegians leave and her father begs them to come back. She later sits with her mother as her brother Johnny hits his head against a dollhouse because Laura -- his tutor -- is not present.

Episode 1Edit

She observes FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper as he drinks his coffee and they introduce each other. He allows her to sit with him. She tells him her connection with Laura Palmer through her brother, Johnny. Forming a crush on the special agent, she asks him more questions.

Audrey stands in her father's office, dancing in place when he comes in to turn off her music. He then asks her if she had anything to do with the Norwegians leaving, which she admits to. He threatens her if she ever does something like this again and leaves.

Episode 2Edit

Audrey silently has dinner with her family until her uncle Jerry arrives.

She goes to the Double R Diner for a cup of coffee and is joined by Donna and they discuss Laura as well as her crush on Agent Cooper. Audrey also asks if Laura ever talked about her father and she gets up and begins dancing in place to the music she played in the jukebox.

Episode 3Edit

Audrey goes to meet Agent Cooper at breakfast again, calling him "Colonel." He has her write her name from him and he presents a note she delivered to his room saying "Jack with one eye," referring to One Eyed Jack's, a casino and brothel across the Canadian border. She reveals to him that Laura worked at the perfume counter at Horne's Department Store. Cooper then asks her to leave, as he has police business to deal with.

She listens to her parents argue over their son, then goes into a hidden closet where she watches Doctor Jacoby coax Johnny into removing his headdress for Laura's funeral.

Episode 4Edit

Audrey goes into the bathroom at school, where Donna is doing her makeup. She reveals what she knows about Laura's secrets, including that she had been seeing Doctor Lawrence Jacoby, which had been unknown to Donna. She also supposes that Laura worked at One Eyed Jack's.

She goes to her father and asks him if he is ashamed of her and asks him his plans for the family business when he needs someone to take over. She asks him for a job at the department store. When Ben takes a call, she leaves.

Episode 5Edit

Audrey goes to see a tired Cooper at breakfast. She tells him she has gotten a job and wants to help him on the investigation, but he interrupts her, saying he only has time for coffee.

She goes to Horne's Department Store to discuss her job with Emory Battis, who states her father suggested she work in the wrapping department, but she insists to be put on the perfume counter and threatens him. They make a deal for him to say she is working in the wrapping department while she is actually in perfume.

Audrey goes to a party held for her father's Icelandic potential business partners and goes to spy on a meeting between her father and Catherine Martell regarding a poker chip the latter found from One Eyed Jack's. Catherine smacks Ben and then they kiss, discussing a plan to burn down the Packard Sawmill.

She then tearfully watches as Leland Palmer has a breakdown and is mocked in dance by nearly everyone else in attendance.

Audrey goes to Agent Cooper's room and when he comes in, she begs him to let her stay.

Episode 6Edit

Cooper sits down on the bed and tells Audrey that he cannot allow himself to become romantically involved, and what she needs more than anything is a friend. He offers to talk about her troubles over malts and fries.

Audrey deals with a customer and overhears Emory wishing to speak with another employee named Jenny in his office. Audrey tells Jenny she is going to the restroom, but goes to Battis' office, distracting a nearby employee by telling him there was a bus accident outside. She takes a cigarette from Battis' desk and hides in his closet as he brings Jenny. Audrey spies on them, Battis giving Jenny a unicorn trinket and offering her a full-time position at One Eyed Jack's. He gives her a number for a "Black Rose." When they leave, Audrey steps out and finds a book on Battis' desk containing Ronette Pulaski's name and she takes the unicorn.

As Jenny leaves from work, Audrey convinces her that she will be working as a hostess at One Eyed Jack's and shows the stolen unicorn as her own, and says that she lost the number for "Black Rose," which Jenny provides to her.

Audrey later has the front desk at the Great Northern leave an urgent message for Agent Cooper, then slips a note under his door as she leaves the hotel.


She goes to One Eyed Jack's, where she is introduced to Blackie O'Reilly and uses the alias Hester Prynne, but her resume is soon found to be bogus. To prove that she deserves a position at the brothel, she ties a cherry stem in a knot with her mouth.

Episode 7Edit

Audrey enters Blackie's office in her lingerie she has been given. She approaches her desk and sees a camera feed of Agent Cooper at a blackjack table. Blackie then says that it would be a good night for her to be "broken in" by the owner of One Eyed Jack's, who Blackie does not name.

She waits in her room for the owner to arrive and is shocked to discover his identity - her own father.

Season 2Edit

Episode 8Edit

She hides behind her bed curtains as Ben tries to get in, and she swats at his hands, suggesting that he leave. He pretends to leave by opening and closing the door, then he bursts through her bed curtains after she has covered herself with her blanket and found a mask. Jerry then interrupts and Ben leaves.

Audrey goes to Blackie's office, asking why her room is locked, and Blackie notes that the owner was not happy with her performance the previous night.

She calls out to Cooper as a sort of prayer, hoping he got her note she left him and admits she is in over her head at One-Eyed Jack's.

Episode 9Edit

She takes an ice bucket to a room in the brothel where Emory Battis is tied up while another girl runs a vacuum cleaner. Convincing the other girl to leave by insisting she will finish the scene herself, Audrey unplugs the vacuum cleaner. She removes his blindfold and threatens to have him arrested if he does not reveal the connection between the perfume counter and One Eyed Jack's. He confirms the owner to be her father and that he had recruited Ronette and Laura for the brothel, the latter being thrown out for using drugs. He also says that her father makes sure he "entertains" all of the girls.

She tearfully calls Agent Cooper, but Blackie hangs up the phone.

Episode 10Edit

Audrey is tied up by Blackie while being filmed by Battis as she is sedated by heroin.

She lays in bed as is woken by a man named Jean who gives her English caramels.

Episode 11Edit

She is led to Jean, who she tells that Emory had hit her. Jean also tells her that he spoke to her father and that she is in no danger. Battis attempts to further explain the situation to her, but he is shot dead by Jean. This causes her to cry and he holds her.

Episode 12Edit

Audrey is tied up, asleep. She hears Cooper's voice and wakes up to him telling her he is there to get her out. He unties her and picks her up over his shoulder. He escapes with her along with Truman and Hawk, the latter of whom ambushes an armed guard.

Episode 13Edit

She is taken to the Bookhouse. She seems to have a nightmare, but is awoken by Cooper.

Her father later arrives to see her, saying he is thankful that she is alive, but she is skeptical. She wishes to have Agent Cooper take her home, but her father suggests they all three go together.

Episode 14Edit

In her father's office, she informs him that she is aware of his connection to One Eyed Jack's. She also gets him to admit that he slept with Laura during her time working there, but he denies killing her, declaring that he loved her.

Audrey goes to the sheriff's station, where she tells her special agent about her father's relationship with Laura, which surprises him. She is told to go home and not say a word about the subject to anyone.

Episode 15Edit

Audrey visits Agent Cooper, asking about her father and his possible guilt. She reveals her strained relationship with him, that all she ever wanted from him was to love her. However, Cooper gets a desperate phone call and tells her to go to her room and lock the door.

Episode 17Edit

Following the funeral of Leland Palmer, Audrey attends the reception at the Palmer home. Leland had been arrested for Laura's murder and died in custody.

She goes to Cooper's room at the Great Northern, where he is packing to go fishing with Major Briggs. He also states that he will be leaving town and once again states his policy of why he cannot be in a relationship with her. He explains the origin of this to be a lover of his who was murdered on his and his partner Windom Earle's watch.

Audrey approaches Bobby, who stands outside of her father's office, wishing to speak to him about a job. She gets him permission to meet with her father, but he is immediately kicked out.

Episode 18Edit

Audrey dances with Agent Cooper at the wedding reception for Dougie Milford and his new bride, Lana.

Episode 19Edit

She sees Bobby, who is now on her father's payroll with an assignment. She proposes that they do business together, and he goes to her father's office. She spies on them and sees that Ben is interested in Bobby having a full-time position.

Audrey goes to Agent Cooper and gives him stolen photos of a gathering between Hank Jennings and other men, objects that may "save [his] life." Denise Bryson then comes, and she is surprised to find that the DEA has female agents. She gives Dale a big kiss and leaves.

Episode 20Edit

Audrey sees a disheveled hotel employee leave from her father's office. She goes to investigate and finds Ben in the middle of a miniature Civil War re-enactment. She calls her uncle.

Bobby comes out to her, commenting on her father's current state. She says that her uncle is coming along with Doctor Jacoby to help.

Episode 21Edit

She makes plans with Bobby to break her father out of his current mental state.

She brings her uncle to Ben's office, Ben believing Jerry to be Jeb Stuart.

Episode 22Edit

Jacoby tells her that his experiment in letting Ben mingle with the public did not help his mental state, as he continues to believe he is General Lee. She and Jerry then make plans to develop projects in her father's stead. She goes back to Jacoby and requests he return Ben to the "real world," to which he says they should re-enact the surrender at Appomattox.

During the re-enactment of the surrender, she plays the daughter of Wilmer McLean, who is played by Jerry. Jacoby soon arrives as General Grant and surrenders, despite the historical inaccuracy. Ben collapses and comes to, believing his Civil War to have been a dream.

Episode 23Edit

Audrey has an abrasive conversation with Randy at the concierge desk. After Randy leaves, a man approaches the desk, having checked into the hotel. She mostly ignores him at first, but after looking at him, she tries to be more attentive. He notices her name and asks her to send someone to the airport to retrieve his luggage that he did not have room for in the van he took to the hotel. He then tells her about a picture he has of her when she was younger. He goes and she opens a letter Randy delivered to her. Inside are torn pieces of paper along with a request for her presence at the Roadhouse later in the evening.

Later, she attends a board meeting, which the man comes to, introduced as John Justice Wheeler. At the meeting, Ben presents his plan to work against Catherine's Ghostwood development plan, by calling to preserve the near-extinct Pine Weasel.

That evening, she has dinner with her father and Jack, who reveals the nature of his work, which would especially benefit the Hornes. However, she is resistant to his help, as she feels her family is well-off on its own. She soon excuses herself for the Roadhouse.

She arrives and finds that Shelly and Donna are also there with adjoining pieces of the torn paper, forming a poem.

Episode 24Edit

Audrey approaches Dick Tremayne about the Stop Ghostwood campaign's fashion show to take place that evening. She then runs into Jack, apologizing for her behavior the previous evening. He then asks her out to a picnic, to which she agrees.

At their picnic, Jack sings to Audrey, which she admires, as nobody has sang to her before. He also wonders if there is another man in her life, and she says there was, but not anymore.

At the fashion show, Audrey readies the models. Subsequently, the pine weasel is presented and it bites Dick's nose before becoming loose, causing a panic among the crowd. Audrey gets knocked over, but is caught by Jack and they share a kiss.

Episode 25Edit

She brings Jack room service and she accepts his offer to take her for a flight and dinner.

Donna later comes to the hotel and asks Audrey if she knows why her mother is visiting Audrey's father, but Audrey does not have an answer, so she takes Donna to her peephole.

Audrey later goes to the library to research civil disobedience, and she runs into a poetry teacher named Edward Perkins. She shows him the poem she received and he has her read it for him. Perkins comments that watching her while she reads makes her look like a queen.

Later, her father expresses to her his realization that his family is much more important than he has ever made it out to be, and promises to become a better father and makes her his business partner. He tells her to pack her bags and to to the airport, as her flight leaves in an hour, a statement which confuses her. Jack then enters, realizing this means their plans are cancelled, and she leaves.

Episode 26Edit
Episode 27Edit
Episode 28Edit
Episode 29Edit

The Secret History of Twin PeaksEdit

Audrey survived the explosion at the bank. She was shielded from the blast by Pete Martell and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Ben Horne, having survived his assault by Dr. Hayward and having read Audrey's final letter from that morning, was seen by her side almost constantly.

Twin Peaks (2017) Edit

She is set to appear in the 2017 revival.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Cards released during the show's run give her birthdate as August 24, 1972. However, since the show takes place in February and March of 1989, this would make her 16 years old when it is explicitly stated that she is 18. As a result, this birthdate cannot be considered canon.
  • In a deleted scene, available on the Twin Peaks Gold Box DVD set, it is revealed that Audrey's mother holds Audrey responsible for her brother Johnny's disability, citing an incident when Audrey, as a toddler, pushed a nine-year-old Johnny down the stairs, in a bitter speech that obviously upsets Audrey greatly. However, Dr. Jacoby insists that Johnny's condition is self-induced: a retreat to childhood as a result of an unknown emotional trauma. It is not known if this story element was deliberately dropped or if there were plans to explore it further had the show not been cancelled.
  • It is rumored that Lynch's Mulholland Drive, which was originally conceived as a television series, was also envisioned as a spin-off centered on Audrey in which she goes to Hollywood to pursue an acting career.
  • Angelo Badalamenti composed the leitmotifs Audrey's Dance, Audrey's Prayer, and Audrey for the character.

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