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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.

Rebecca McCauley "Becky" Burnett (née Briggs) was the daughter of Bobby and Shelly Briggs.


By 2016, Becky worked at a bakery owned by Norma Jennings[1] and had made a habit of asking her mother for money to support both her and her husband, Steven. She did this one day upon delivering bread to the Double R Diner, this being the third time in two weeks. She went out to Steven, who gave her a drug and promised her dinner.[2]

Steven later abused Becky over financial matters and cleanliness of their trailer.[3]

She later had a phone call concerning Steven's affair with Gersten Hayward. She called her mother to borrow her car, which she started driving with Shelly holding onto the hood until she was flung off. Becky drove to an apartment building, armed with a pistol. After being told that Steven and Gersten had left, she shot the door.

She later met with her parents at the diner, discussing her situation with Steven, though she was reluctant to leave him. Though she shared a brief emotional moment with her mother, she and Bobby showed clear misgivings when they saw Shelly run off and embrace Red.[4]

After Steven was absent for two days, Becky worriedly called her mother, who invited her to the diner for pie.[5]

Behind the Scenes Edit

Although "Part 15" seems to imply that Steven could have shot Becky, it is not the opinion of co-author Mark Frost who also played a part in these scenes.[6]



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