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"I've already gone places. I just want to stay where I am."
Carl Rodd[src]

Carl Rodd was the owner of Fat Trout Trailer Park in Deer Meadow, and later the "New" Fat Trout Trailer Park in his hometown of Twin Peaks, Washington. Carl was the last known person to see FBI Special Agent Chester Desmond.


Early lifeEdit

As a boy, Carl disappeared in the woods outside Twin Peaks, Washington alongside classmates Maggie Coulson and Alan Traherne and received a marking on the back of his knee.[1]

Following his graduation from Twin Peaks High School in 1958, he joined the United States Coast Guard and achieved the rank of boatswain's mate while on a patrol boat in Vietnam.[1]

During an earthquake/tsunami in Anchorage, he was reported missing and was rescued by a group of Aleuts, whom he lived with for five months. He claimed to have had a spiritual conversion during this time and married an Aleut woman, who later died in childbirth along with their child.[1]

After this, he wandered until settling in Yellowknife, where he worked as a tracker, wrote poems and songs, and occasionally performed. He also was hired to do stunts in movies during this time.[1]

Middle yearsEdit

Rodd returned to Twin Peaks in the 1980s and eventually settled at the Fat Trout Trailer Park in Deer Meadow, Washington, and soon became the trailer park's owner. The Twin Peaks Post began to occasionally record quotes from Carl in a section called "Carl Said It."[1]


FBI Agents Chester Desmond and Sam Stanley come to his trailer before 9:00 in February 1988, despite explicit instructions on his front door to never do this. They asked to see the trailer that belonged to Teresa Banks, a teenager that was found murdered. He reluctantly took them there and made them coffee. As the men investigated, an old woman came to the trailer and left when Desmond asked her about Teresa. Rodd told Desmond "I've already gone places. I just want to stay where I am."[2]

The following evening, Desmond came back, asking to see Deputy Cliff Howard's trailer. An old woman named Margaret asked Carl about her hot water, and he left Desmond to take care of her concern.[2]

The next day, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper came looking for Desmond, who had apparently disappeared. Cooper went to a spot where an old woman named Mrs. Chalfont and her grandson stayed. He went with Cooper to Desmond's abandoned car, which had the words "Let's rock" scrawled across the windshield.[2]

Later yearsEdit

Over the next twenty-five years, Rodd opened another trailer park. He rode into Twin Peaks one day, where he witnessed a young boy killed by a speeding truck. He saw a gold aura float from the boy's body and he went to comfort the mother.[3]

He later played "Red River Valley" on guitar in front of his trailer until a coffee mug was thrown out the window of Steven and Becky Burnett's trailer while they were in the middle of a domestic dispute.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Carl Rodd was played by character actor Harry Dean Stanton, who has also appeared in David Lynch's films The Cowboy and the Frenchman, Wild at Heart, The Straight Story, Inland Empire, and television series Hotel Room.

Stanton reprised the role in the 2017 series of Twin Peaks. He was seen in a teaser released on May 4, 2017.


Twin Peaks (2017)Edit



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