Caroline Earle (née Powell) was the wife of Windom Earle. She was also having a serious relationship with Dale Cooper, and later, was murdered by Windom.


When Caroline first met her husband's partner Dale Cooper, she told him that she hoped that taking a life would not affect his life the way it did her husband's.[1]

When her husband disappeared, she began to form a close bond with Dale, and following Windom's return in 1985,[2] she was allegedly kidnapped by three men and was forced into prostitution and heroin addiction.[1]

Following this, she was moved to a safehouse, where her husband decided not to stay, thus sparking an affair between Caroline and Dale. However, within days, the lovers were stabbed by Windom, and Caroline died, as her aorta[3] had been severed.[1]

Caroline later appeared to Dale in the Black Lodge, taking Annie Blackburn's place, who said that her husband killed her. Annie then took her place.[4]



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