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Catherine Martell is a character from the television series Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Biography Edit

Catherine (played by Piper Laurie) is the sister of Andrew Packard, the owner of Packard Sawmill. She married lumberjack Petie Martell, but their happiness was short lived. Though they remained married, Catherine holds her more simple and naive husband in contempt.

After her brother Andrew's death in a boating accident -- actually brought about by his young Chinese wife Josie and Hank Jennings -- Catherine runs the Packard Mill although Josie is the legal owner.

Catherine is having an affair with local businessman and landowner Benjamin Horne, with whom she is plotting the burning down of the mill. Unknown to Catherine, Ben is also in cahoots with Josie, and the two of them are plotting to cut her out of the picture entirely, with the intent to eventually shut down the mill and develop the land for their own profit.

Toward the end of season one, an insurance agent informs her that Horne and Josie have tried to take out an insurance policy on her, and she realizes she has been duped. She has a reconciliation of sorts with her husband Pete, but is lured to the mill by Hank Jennings. Leo Johnson burns down the mill, and Catherine's body is not found.

Later, in season two, a mysterious Japanese investor, Mr Tojamura, comes to Twin Peaks, and offers Ben Horne $5 million in advance to pull out of his deal with the Icelanders. Immediately after accepting this money, Horne is arrested for the murder of Laura Palmer. All of his financial plans are ruined, and Mr Tojamura reveals himself to be Catherine in disguise.

Catherine returns to the mill and her home. Meanwhile, businessman Thomas Eckhardt, the true power behind Josie, demands that she return to Hong Kong. Josie, terrified, pleads with Catherine for mercy and protection. At this same time, Andrew, who had anticipated the plot on his life and allowed the town to think he was dead, returns. Catherine humiliates Josie and forces her to act as her personal maid. Thomas Eckhardt comes to the mill and Catherine tells him he can have Josie, then gives Josie a handgun. Andrew visits Josie one last time, and sends her off to her death.

Josie meets Eckhardt in a room at the Great Northern, and shoots him dead. FBI Agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry S. Truman arrive just as Eckhardt dies, and Josie confesses to shooting Cooper weeks before. Josie then drops dead, ensuring Catherine's revenge is complete.

Behind the scenesEdit

Her name is spelled as Katherine in the pilot episode.


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