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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.

Chantal Hutchens was Hutch's wife and a criminal associate of Cooper, with whom she had an open affair.


After Cooper killed Darya, he requested Chantal to clean up his mess and to be in a certain area along with her husband in a few days.[1]

When Cooper arrived at the meeting place, he was covered in blood. Chantal saw to his condition and after making a phone call to Duncan Todd, he gave her and Hutch orders to kill Warden Dwight Murphy. She sent him off with a kiss (per her husband's instruction) before he left.[2]

Chantal and Hutch waited in a van overlooking Murphy's home. Chantal insisted that she be allowed to torture Murphy before they killed him, but he said they were on a tight schedule. After Murphy arrived, Hutch shot him twice, killing him, and they left for a nearby Wendy's.[3]

On the road to Las Vegas, Chantal and Hutch passed through Utah and had a conversation about Mormons.[4]

After their arrival, Chantal killed Duncan Todd and his assistant, Roger. Later, she and Hutch ate in their van, discussing the practice of killing.[5]



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