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Chester "Chet" Desmond is a Special Agent with the FBI, played by Chris Isaak, who is called out by his boss, Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole, to investigate the murder of a 17 year old girl named Teresa Banks, who was found wrapped in plastic. Desmond is introduced to his new partner, Special Agent Sam Stanley, and receives coded clues in the form of Lil the Dancer. Desmond and Stanley then begin their investigation by driving to a rural town called Deer Meadow.


Sam Stanley and Chester Desmond making an autopsy of Teresa Banks.

A few days into the investigation, Desmond mysteriously disappears after picking up a ring later seen to be owned by the Man from Another Place. His disappearance is reported to Regional Bureau Chief Cole, who then dispatches Special Agent Dale Cooper to pick up where Desmond left off. Desmond's disappearance is never explained, although Cooper discovers that Desmond's car has been vandalized with the words "LET'S ROCK," the same words spoken by the Man from Another Place when he introduces himself, indicating that he was taken to the Black Lodge.


Chester Desmond wandering in Fat Trout trailer park.

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