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Coffee is a beverage consumed by many people in the town of Twin Peaks, Washington and its surrounding areas. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, in particular, enjoys the beverage and prefers it "black as midnight on a moonless night." Cooper is most well-known for a scene when he first arrives at the Great Northern Hotel and is drinking a cup of coffee. He then describes the coffee as, "damn fine."

Another famous coffee scene is in the final episode of Season 2 when Cooper is in the Black Lodge and is given a cup of coffee. He lifts the cup to his lips, then hesitates, and tilts it. Instead of spilling, the coffee stays solid. He keeps tilting it and sometimes it will be liquid and spill whereas, at other times, it will appear solid.

The town of Twin Peaks is known for its good coffee which can be found at the Great Northern Hotel or the Double R Diner. It is unclear if coffee is served at the Bang Bang Bar or The Roadhouse.

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