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The subject of this article was only present in early scripts, unreleased deleted scenes, or was rewritten. Thus, the subject is not considered canon.

Colleen Hurley is the alcoholic mother of James Hurley.


After a four-day absence, Colleen returned home to her son, who she noticed was particularly moody, which she correctly guessed was due to girl problems. James told her about Laura, and Colleen told him that one never knows when a woman is "an angel or a harpie sent from hell to rend your heart." James told her that Laura was both.[1][2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Actress Linda Carlson was to play Colleen Hurley and apparently filmed a scene, but it has never been released.[3] The scene appears in the scripts for both for Episode 4 and Episode 10. Evidence of the scene remains in Episode 10 with a scene where James goes to Maddy Ferguson, frustrated by the encounter with his mother in the deleted scene.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks instead gives James' mother the name Susan Hurley.


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