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This article contains major spoilers from Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. If you have not watched the aforementioned television program and film, it is strongly recommended that you do not read this article.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is an FBI agent who arrives in Twin Peaks to investigate the brutal murder of the popular high school student, Laura Palmer, and ends up falling in love with the town and gaining a great deal of acceptance within the normally tight-knit community. He displays an array of quirky mannerisms such as giving a 'thumbs up' when satisfied, quoting sage-like sayings, a distinct sense of humor, and a passionate love for the Double R's cherry pie and a "damn fine cup of coffee". One of his most popular habits is keeping a tape-recorded journal with his portable microcassette recorder and addressing all entries to a mysterious woman named "Diane". These entries range from important observations/notes regarding the case to the often energetic, yet superfluous observations of everyday life.

Biography Edit

Born on April 19, 1954, Cooper is a graduate of Haverford College. According to the series companion book, The Autobiography of Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, Dale Cooper got his first tape recorder for Christmas at age 13, and has continued to keep his audio journal (to "Diane") ever since. He is also revealed to be something of an introspective personality, due to his profound interest in the mystical, particularly in the Tibetan and Native American mythologies. Much of his work is based on intuition and even dreams; this is in contrast to other fictional detectives who use logic to solve their cases. On joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Dale Cooper was based at the Bureau offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he worked under the authority of FBI Chief Gordon Cole. Under Chief Cole, he became part of the investigation into the mysterious 'Blue Rose' cases. It was around this time that Cooper was partnered with senior agent Windom Earle. Some time afterwards, Earle's wife, Caroline, became a witness to a federal crime and Earle and Cooper were assigned to protect her. Cooper, however, began having an affair with Caroline and Earle quickly became mentally unhinged. One night, whilst in Pittsburgh, Cooper let his guard down — which resulted in Caroline's murder at the hands of Earle. Cooper's former partner was subsequently caught and sent to a mental institution. Cooper, however, was absolutely devastated by the loss of the woman he would later refer to as the love of his life, and swore to never again get involved with someone who was a part of a case he was assigned to.

Original seriesEdit

Season 1Edit


On February 24, 1989, Cooper comes to the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer.

Episode 1Edit
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Dale Cooper and "a damn fine cup of coffee."

Cooper is awake at 6:18 in the morning and addresses a tape to Diane about the exceptional conditions of his room at the Great Northern Hotel and two things that trouble him: what really went on between Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys and who really pulled the trigger on JFK. He then has breakfast at the hotel, where he highly approves of the coffee and meets Audrey Horne, who tells him about her brother, Johnny, who had been tutored by Laura Palmer prior to her death.

Cooper goes to the Sheriff's Department, where William "Doc" Hayward emotionally delivers the post-mortem report on Laura Palmer to he and Truman. They then question James Hurley on his connection to the murder, specifically the secret relationship he had with Laura and their activities together on the night of the crime.

Cooper later meets Ed Hurley and confirms with him that James has been cleared as a suspect of the murder. He then gets a call from Albert Rosenfield, who is coming up to Twin Peaks for the investigation. He releases Mike and Bobby, but first warns them not to touch James.

He and Truman then head to the Packard Sawmill, where he meets Josie Packard -- who had been tutored in English by Laura Palmer -- and asks her about Laura's actions during the last time they met. Cooper deduces that Truman and Josie are romantically involved, much to Harry's chagrin.

The two lawmen later go to the Double R Diner, where Cooper tries a slice of their famed cherry pie. He meets Norma Jennings and asks about Laura Palmer's activities with the Meals on Wheels program.

Episode 2Edit

Cooper enters his room at the Great Northern with his flute and receives a phone call from Deputy Hawk, who informs him on Ronette's condition and what he learned from her parents: that she recently quit her job at the perfume counter at Horne's Department Store. He also tells him about the One-Armed Man's presence at the intensive care unit, so Cooper tells him to keep watch on Ronette.

There is then a knock on the door, but nobody is there when Cooper answers it. However, they leave a note reading "Jack with One Eye."

The next morning, he gathers Sheriff Truman, Hawk, Andy, and Lucy to eliminate suspects by throwing a stone at a bottle placed 60 feet and 6 inches away, which he calls the "Tibetan method," an idea he got from a dream. This narrows down his suspicion to Dr. Lawrence Jacoby and Leo Johnson. Truman also informs him that the "Jack with One Eye" may refer to the casino up north called One-Eyed Jack's.

Cooper and Truman examine a bloody rag found by Hawk just as Albert Rosenfield arrives with his team. Albert immediately displays his impatience and distaste with the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, which Cooper finds entertaining, though Truman is not amused in the least.


Cooper as he appears in his dream.

Cooper lies in bed and drifts off to sleep. He begins dreaming and has visions of a red room, a small man, the One-Armed Man (who identifies himself as MIKE), and of a mysterious man called BOB. The vision of the red room continues and he sees a woman resembling Laura Palmer, who kisses him and whispers in his ear. Cooper suddenly wakes up and calls Harry, telling him to meet him for breakfast, for he knows who killed Laura.

Episode 3Edit

As he strolls down the hall of the Great Northern at 7:15am, Cooper addresses a tape to Diane, telling her that he plans to go to the Sheriff's Office after breakfast, then to Laura Palmer's funeral. He encounters Audrey as he sits down for breakfast and confirms through her handwriting to see if she wrote the "Jack with One Eye" note. She confirms with him that she was referring to the casino and that "men go there." She also tells him that Laura worked the perfume counter at Horne's Department Store, the same place as Ronette.

Truman and Lucy then show up, curious of his statement that he knows who killed Laura Palmer. Cooper explains his dream as a code to solve the crime, and about MIKE and BOB, though he does not remember the name "Laura" whispered into his ear.

Cooper and Truman arrive at the morgue, where a fight has broken out between Rosenfield and Doc Hayward. The Sheriff, fed up with Albert, punches him. Coop separates the two and orders that the body of Laura Palmer is to be released to the family for the funeral.

After being fascinated by a group of ducks near the Johnson home, Cooper is filled in on Leo by Truman. He questions Leo about Laura, and knows his criminal record, though Leo claims that he was with Shelly in the night of the murder.

They go to the Sheriff's Office, where Albert is waiting with his post-mortem report on Laura Palmer, the details on her being bound consistent with the words spoken by the vision of Laura he had the night before. After Truman leaves, Albert requests Cooper to sign a report on the scuffle between he and the Sheriff, but Coop refuses on the grounds that the incident was caused by Rosenfield. Albert leaves and addresses a tape to Diane at 12:27pm, requesting her to look into his pension plan options regarding outside real estate, expressing his desire to stay in Twin Peaks after the investigation.

Cooper attends the funeral, observing the citizens, especially Bobby and James, the latter showing up late. The two young men charge at each other, but the fight is quickly broken up as Leland dives on top of the casket.

Later than evening Cooper arrives at the Double R Diner, joining Ed, Hawk, and Truman, easily sensing that Ed is in love with Norma, much like he did with Truman and Josie before. He discusses about the Sheriff's Department's operation to stop drug trafficking between Twin Peaks and Canada over a piece of huckleberry pie. The man also inform him of an evil that haunts Twin Peaks, and the secret society that defends the town against it: the Bookhouse Boys. They take him to their meeting place at the road house, where James and Joey Paulson are waiting with Bernard Renault and they question him about the operation and his brother Jacques Renault's actions.

Cooper goes to the cemetery, where he sees Dr. Jacoby visiting Laura's grave. He notes that the doctor had not been at the funeral and questions him, to which Jacoby explains his feeling of guilt over the death.

He then joins Hawk at the Great Northern and discusses their beliefs in souls and the presence of Laura's. They drink to her and witness Leland having a nervous breakdown on the dance floor. The lawmen comfort him and take him home.

Episode 4Edit

Cooper is in the conference room at the Sheriff's Department, questioning Dr. Jacoby on his involvement with Laura Palmer, though the psychiatrist is not very compliant. After he leaves, there is a call from Coop's supervisor, Gordon Cole, who gives further information on Albert's results and troubles with Truman. Andy comes in and shows him the sketch of the man Mrs. Palmer had a vision of, which matches the appearance of BOB in Cooper's dream.

Hawk tracks down the One-Armed Man, Philip Gerard, to a motel. Truman and Cooper come and find him. They show him the sketch of BOB, though he says he has never seen him before, but he does know a Bob Lydecker. He also says he is a shoe salesman and that he did have a tattoo on his lost arm, but it said "Mom."


Cooper, Truman, and a llama at the clinic.

Cooper and Truman visit the Lydecker Veterinary Clinic, but the receptionist says that the sketch is not of Bob Lydecker, though the special agent does not give up on this lead due to Lydecker's connection with the One-Armed Man. He states the bird that attacked Laura Palmer is a client at the clinic, so they confiscate the clinic's files.

Due to Andy dropping his gun at the motel, Cooper gathers the deputies for target practice, Hawk's aim being exceptional, though Andy is left with much room for improvement. The men then talk about women as the FBI agent and the Sheriff practice.

Andy, Truman, and Cooper look through the clinic files to find the bird that attacked Laura. Cole calls and informs them that the bird was a parrot or myna bird. The results on a plastic object in Laura's stomach determine it to be part of a poker chip with the letter 'J' on it. Andy then finds a record for a myna bird named Waldo, owned by Jacques Renault.

Cooper, Hawk, and Truman make their way to Renault's apartment. However, he is not home, though someone is seen running away from the apartment. They find a shirt belonging to Leo Johnson.

Episode 5Edit

Cooper is awakened at 4:28am, due to loud Icelandic businessmen on his floor. He requests Diane to send him ear plugs. Audrey tries to join him for breakfast, but he is running late, so he leaves with his coffee.

He joins the investigation at Jacques's apartment, though he has not been seen in two days. Doc Hayward informs him that the blood is not Laura's. Cooper says the blood belongs to Jacques, somehow knowing his blood type, which Doctor Hayward confirms moments later after making a phone call. Dale finds a copy of Flesh World hidden on the ceiling, in which he finds letters to Ronette, a Polaroid photo of a man in drag and a picture of Leo's truck printed in the magazine.


"Red drapes."

The P.O. box listed on the letters is found by Hawk to belong to Jacques and that he also sent letters to Laura, which Cooper connects to the red drapes he saw in his dream and a photo of a cabin in Jacques's apartment.

Hawk leads Truman, Cooper, and Hayward to a cabin that they suspect to be the one in the photo, where the Log Lady is waiting for them. She says that her log saw something significant. Cooper asks the log what it saw. The Log Lady answers for it, saying it witnessed the murder of Laura Palmer and that there were three men present. The group continues through the woods and finds the cabin Cooper saw in the photo. Inside is a record player, which is playing "Into the Night." Waldo is also found in the cabin along with a camera, blood, and the rest of the poker chip that was partially in Laura's stomach.

Cooper walks back to his room at the end of the day as the Icelandic men become loud again. He sees that his door is ajar, so he draws his gun and enters, telling whoever is inside to turn on the light. The intruder does so, revealing that it is Audrey, in Coop's bed and upset, requesting him to not make her leave.

Episode 6Edit

Dale sits on his bed, gently telling Audrey that he cannot become romantically involved with her, but that she needs a friend. He leaves to get food so they can talk to each other.

The next morning, he enters the Sheriff's Department with his flute and makes his way to the conference room where Doctor Hayward and Sheriff Truman are with Waldo, trying to get him to talk. Hawk brings Cooper forensics results that Laura, Ronette, and Leo were all in Jacques's cabin. He leaves his voice-activated tape recorder near the birdcage in case Waldo talks before they head out.

Cooper goes with Truman to the Double R Diner, where they see Hank Jennings. Truman then wants to leave, but then Coop insists they stay and treat themselves to cups of black coffee.

Coop walks through the Great Northern in a tuxedo, ready to go to One Eyed Jack's to investigate Jacques with Ed. Truman tells him that Josie suspects that Catherine and Benjamin wish to burn down the sawmill. Cooper agrees to investigate it with him.

Cooper and Ed prepare to leave, getting into their disguises and wireless microphones. A gunshot rings out in the conference room and go in to find Waldo dead. Cooper finds a recording of the bird saying "Laura, Laura, don't go there," "Hurting me, hurting me," "Stop it," and "Leo, no!"


They go to One Eyed Jack's and meet Blackie O'Reilly, identifying themselves as Barney and Fred. She points them to the casino, where Coop plays blackjack until Jacques comes to deal the cards.

Episode 7Edit

Cooper plays blackjack and wins as he rejects a working girl's advances. He gives Jacques the chip found in his apartment and identifies himself as a friend of Leo's before offering to buy him a cocktail. They talk about the drug operation and Jacques's actions on the night Laura Palmer died along with Waldo and Leo's involvement. Cooper arranges for Jacques to meet him in two hours for the Sheriff's Department to ambush him and notes to Hawk his suspicion.

Jacques is taken to the hospital after being shot by Andy, where Cooper questions him on his involvement with Laura Palmer and Leo Johnson on the night of the murder, though he says he knows nothing about the train car, where the murder occurred. Cooper and Truman then check up on Dr. Jacoby, who is also in the hospital after having a heart attack following an attack by an unknown assailant.

They go to the Sheriff's Office, where Lucy informs them about a call from Leo Johnson, in which she could hear a bell from Easter Park. James comes in needing to talk to Harry, but Cooper has him investigate the call instead and talks to James, who gives him a tape of Laura's pointing suspicion to someone with a red Corvette. Harry brings in a bag of cocaine found in James' gas tank and Cooper questions him about it.

At 4:37am, Cooper addresses a tape to Diane about the day before as he goes to his room at the Great Northern. He finds a note on the for addressed to "My special agent" and the phone rings. On the other end is silence and there is a knock on the door. He answers and is shot in the abdomen three times.

Season 2Edit

Episode 8Edit
Cooper 012

Cooper lies on the floor, bleeding as Andy's voice is heard through the phone. A senile room service waiter comes in with a glass of warm milk. Cooper asks him to put it on the table and call a doctor. The confused waiter hangs up the phone, Cooper believing he made the call. The waiter has him sign the bill for the milk and thanks him before saying he has heard about him, giving him a thumbs-up and a wink before leaving and repeating the thumbs-up, this time Cooper giving one in return. The same thing happens once more and a Giant appears to the special agent, saying he will tell him three things and to think of him as a friend. The Giant tells him "there's a man in a smiling bag," "the owls are not what they seem," and "without chemicals, he points." However, he cannot say what they mean. The Giant takes Cooper's ring, saying he will return it if the things he said come true. He then says "Leo locked inside a hungry horse. There's a clue at Leo's house," before saying Cooper will require medical attention and disappearing.

Cooper begins addressing to Diane, hoping his recorder has the voice-activation function on. He tells her about his current condition, thankful he was wearing his bulletproof vest, but was hit directly once due to his folding up the vest while chasing a wood tick. He notices his ring is gone and begins telling Diane about his regrets and things he wishes he could have done. Truman, Hawk, and Andy then arrive at the hotel room.

He awakes at the hospital with Truman, Lucy, and Doc Hayward standing above him, telling them what happened. Hayward shows him a bullet that hit him and even managed to kill the tick. Lucy tells him about the current conditions of Leo Johnson's shooting, Jacques' death and the mill fire.

Against Hayward's orders, Cooper is up and walking. He sees Jacques' body bag being rolled out and comments, "is that bag smiling?"

The law goes to the Johnson home to investigate the shooting. Cooper deduces exactly what happened, uncertain that Shelly was the one that pulled the trigger. Hawk finds a copy of Flesh World and Leo's duster, which smells like gasoline. Rosenfield arrives and Andy warns Truman, stepping on a loose board and being hit in the face. The board reveals a hidden pair of boots and a stash of cocaine.

Rosenfield examines Cooper's current condition after the shooting and reprimands him for moving his vest to chase the tick. Andy comes in and tells Cooper he has a solution for the "Leo locked inside a hungry horse" riddle, informing him that Leo was in a jail in Hungry Horse, Montana on February 9, 1988, the night Teresa Banks was murdered.

Cooper comes into the interview room where Truman is questioning James. Cooper knows that he has the other half of Laura's necklace, which he found inside a coconut in Jacoby's office, to Coop's surprise.

Cooper has Andy and Lucy look through an archive of Flesh World to find a photo of Teresa Banks and leaves them on their own as he addresses a tape to Diane.

The special agent and Truman come to see Jacoby, in the hospital after a heart attack to ask how he came into the possession of half of Laura's necklace, who tells them that the night after the murder, he followed Leo but then saw James and Donna bury the necklace. After they left, he dug it up and kept it as a keepsake. He then tells them about Laura's double life and that proposes that she had reached the point where she wanted to die and allowed herself to be killed. The lawmen then question him about what he knows about the death of Jacques Renault, noting a peculiar smell, but that it was not a typical post-mortem smell, but something like scorched engine oil.

They walk through the hospital with Rosenfield and spot Bobby Briggs, questioning his presence, then they run into Ed, who says Nadine is in a coma after her attempted suicide. Truman and Albert leave Cooper and Ed alone, who talk about the unhappy relationship between the Hurleys and their sudden marriage and honeymoon. He reveals that while they were hunting on their honeymoon, Ed accidentally shot Nadine's eye out with a buckshot. James is released to Ed as Cooper walks away and sees a body bag drying out, which looks like it is smiling.

The Sheriff's Department sits in the conference room, Cooper delivering his current thoughts on Laura's actions the night she was murdered, including her activities with Leo, Jacques, and an unknown third man.

At 11:55pm, a tired Cooper addresses a tape to Diane in bed about his tiredness and his experience the night before of seeing the Giant, who soon appears to him again after signing off. Th Giant tells him that he forgot to tell him something, that "one person saw the third man. Three have seen him, yes, but not his body. One only known to you." He also tells him that Cooper forgot something and he disappears.

Episode 9Edit

Dale eats breakfast with Albert, telling him about Tibet, though the latter would much prefer to focus on work, especially the status of Ronette (who has awakened from her coma) and the whereabouts of "Bob." Albert reveals the autopsy of Jacques, finding that he was not strangled. Cooper then notes that his ring is gone, proof to himself that the Giant was real. Much to Cooper's shock, Rosenfield then reveals to him that his old, seemingly dangerous partner Windom Earle is currently unaccounted for.

Cooper and Truman visit Ronette in the hospital, though she is unable to speak, but otherwise conscious. They show her the sketch of Leo, asking if he was the one who attacked her, but she indicates that he was not. Cooper then shows her the sketch of "Bob," causing her to go into a panic and mention a train.

The two go to Truman's office, where Hank Jennings is waiting. After Hank leaves, Truman tells Cooper a little bit about their history before Lucy interrupts, saying that Ben Horne is calling. Truman passes along Ben's message that Audrey is missing.

Later in the evening, Cooper addresses a tape to Diane about his worries over the whereabouts of both Earle and Audrey. There is then a knock at the door from Major Briggs, who delivers a message from a top secret source about signals received from space, and that on the night Cooper was shot, one of the waves read 'THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM' and one the next morning said 'COOPER.'

Cooper is woken up by a call from Audrey, who says she saw him in his tuxedo and that she plans to come home, but suddenly, Audrey's end of the line is hung up.

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"How's Annie?"

Cooper enters the evil Black Lodge to rescue his love interest, Annie Blackburn. In the Black Lodge, he encounters his evil doppelganger, who eventually leaves the Black Lodge while Cooper remains there, his ultimate fate unknown.

Fire Walk with MeEdit

The feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me subtly expands on the events of Cooper's fate in the series finale, while at the same time functioning as a prequel that details the last week of Laura Palmer's life.

Three years before his arrival to Twin Peaks, Cooper has a dream involving the plight of the Tibetan people, and revealed to him the deductive technique of the Tibetan method. Deeply moved by what he saw in this dream, it is indicated it was this event that formed the basis of his unconventional methods of investigation. Cooper reveals to his boss, Cole, of the portents of a strange dream. While in the meantime Special Agent Chester Desmond disappeared while investigating a bizarre murder case. Cooper picks up the case, but is unable to find any evidence which could lead to the discovery of what happened to Desmond or Teresa Banks, the murder victim. Roughly a year later, in 1989, Cooper tells Albert Rosenfield in the Philadelphia offices of how he senses Banks' killer will strike again soon, and that his victim will be a young woman, who has blonde hair, is sexually active, using drugs, and is crying out for help. Rosenfield is quick to dismiss Cooper's notion.

At one point while experiencing a strange dream involving the Black Lodge and its residents, in the non-linear realm Laura encounters Cooper at a point after he has become trapped there. Cooper implores her not to take "the ring", a mysterious object that gives its wearer a sort of connection to the Black Lodge. Shortly thereafter, Laura also has a vision of a bloody Annie Blackburn beside her in her bed, who tells her: "My name is Annie. I've been with Laura and Dale. The good Dale is in the Lodge, and he can't leave. Write it in your diary." It is unknown if Laura did in fact transcribe this to the diary in her possession at the time.

At the film's conclusion, Laura's spirit sits in the Red Room, and is looking up at Cooper whose hand is resting on her shoulder, and is smiling at her. Shortly thereafter, Laura's angel appears before them both and the film ends. The meaning behind Cooper's presence alongside Laura, and indeed, his ultimate fate — if he ever escaped the Black Lodge — is unknown. What is definitely known is that some very wrong and evil version of Cooper wakes up in Cooper's room at the Great Northern , and is now, in fact, the new vessel of Bob who reflects at him from the mirror he broke with his head and he's smiling viciously. It's evident that right before Bob re-emerges as an evil form of Cooper, Earle who entered the Black Lodge claims Cooper's soul from him in exchange for Earl's promise to let Annie live. Cooper agrees. Right then appears Bob in the room, being more powerful than Earle, states that Cooper's soul is his (Bob actually only explicitly states that Earle cannot take Cooper's soul - so he "will take his"), reclaims it, inhabits it, leaving Earle (as implied) a lonely soul trapped in the Black Lodge, without a host to represent him in the physical wold.

2017 RevivalEdit

Kyle MacLachlan is set to reprise the role in the 2017 revival.


Much like how he relates to the town itself, Cooper gains an instant rapport with many of the townspeople on arrival to Twin Peaks — most particularly Sheriff Harry S. Truman and his deputies, Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill and Deputy Andy Brennan. While Truman is initially skeptical of Cooper's unconventional investigative methods and otherworldly ideas, he is most often willing to accept Cooper's judgment (even referring to Cooper as "the finest lawman I have ever known" to agents investigating Cooper's alleged drug-running to Canada). Over time, a deep bond emerges between the two, as displayed in various scenes: when Truman assists Cooper in rescuing Audrey Horne from One-Eyed Jack's, Truman deputizing Cooper following Cooper's suspension from the Bureau, and Truman waiting patiently for two days at Glastonbury Grove for Cooper to emerge from the Black Lodge in the series finale.

Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry Truman.

Cooper's strongest relationship outside of the townspeople is that of his friendship with his colleague, Agent Albert Rosenfield. Though he has strong respect and admiration for Rosenfield's medical skills, and is seemingly undaunted by Rosenfield's sarcastic manner, he has little tolerance or patience for Rosenfield's treatment of the town's citizens — most particularly his animosity towards Sheriff Truman (which notably thaws over time).

Prior to Twin Peaks, Cooper's strongest romantic relationship was his affair with Caroline Earle, the wife of his former partner, Windom Earle. Caroline had been under Cooper and Earle's protection for witnessing a federal crime Earle committed when he lost his mind, but on one night when Cooper's guard was down, Caroline was murdered by Windom. Caroline's death and his failure to protect her continues to haunt Cooper on his arrival to Twin Peaks, referring to a "broken heart" when discussing women with Truman and his deputies. He also relates a version of the story of Caroline to the teenage Audrey Horne.

On arrival to Twin Peaks, Cooper becomes quickly aware that 18-year-old Audrey Horne, the daughter of local businessman Benjamin Horne, harbors a crush on him. The attraction appears mutual, as Cooper is clearly drawn to Audrey — but he is quick to rebuff her advances when Audrey turns up in his hotel bed. Cooper explains she is too young, but he does genuinely want to be her friend. However, following her disappearance orchestrated by Jean Renault, Cooper privately confesses to Diane that in Audrey's absence all he can think of is her smile. Following her rescue, there remains a close and affectionate friendship with the two, most notably when Audrey arrives to his hotel room for comfort following her father's arrest and her sad farewell when she believes Cooper is leaving Twin Peaks for good. Audrey later gives Cooper a surprising kiss on the cheek when she discovers evidence that clears him of drug charges, and they later slow-dance at the Milford wedding.

Following his reinstatement to the FBI, Cooper meets Annie Blackburn, the sister of Norma Jennings, whom he instantly falls in love with. Annie is established as being a kindred spirit, experiencing the world with curiosity and wonder. Much like Cooper's pain over Caroline Earle, Annie also nurses a broken heart from someone in her past, which is implied may have resulted in suicide attempts, and affected her decision to later attend a convent. Cooper helps her to prepare for participation in the Miss Twin Peaks contest. However, during the contest she is kidnapped by Windom Earle and taken to the Black Lodge to use her 'fear' to open the gateway.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kyle MacLachlan

MacLachlan in 1990

Cooper is portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan, who had previously starred in the David Lynch films Dune and Blue Velvet. MacLachlan considers Cooper to be an older version of his character from the latter film, Jeffrey Beaumont.

Following the close of the Laura Palmer case, the show was to focus on the relationship between Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne. However, MacLachlan refused this on the grounds that Cooper would not allow himself to be romantically involved with a high school student. As a result, the characters of John Justice Wheeler and Annie Blackburn were introduced and the show further focused on the supporting characters. It was later rumored that Lara Flynn Boyle had some influence on this, as she was dating MacLachlan at the time and allegedly did not get along with Sherilyn Fenn.

Cooper's middle name is Bartholomew, making him share initials with D.B. Cooper, the media's name for a 1971 plane hijacker who identified himself only as Dan Cooper.

References in other mediaEdit

  • A character resembling Cooper makes an appearance in the video game The Blair Witch Project: Episode 1: Rustin Parr. He is sitting in the Burkettsville diner eating pie and later in the game drinking "a damn fine cup of coffee." His name is given as "Hale" when communicated with.

Special Agent Francis York Morgan

  • The 2010 video game Deadly Premonition (titled Red Seeds Profile in Japan) is heavily influenced by Twin Peaks. This is mostly apparent with its protagonist, FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan. Agent Morgan is an FBI Agent assigned to a case in which a teenage girl was murdered in the small Washington town of Greenvale. Much like Cooper, York enjoys a hot cup of coffee and often speaks to a mysterious unseen person named Zach.



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