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Daniel "Dan" Steadman is the sheriff of Diamond County.


On the morning of November 14, Dan received a call from Pete Martell, who told him about a body he found on the shore behind his house, the Blue Pine Lodge and Dan later went there to possibly identify the body and take pictures of the scene. He was shocked to see that the corpse was none other than Laura Palmer, one of the town's most beloved citizens.[1]

He drove up to the Great Northern Hotel, where he informed Leland Palmer that his daughter been found dead, and then drove to the morgue. Afterward, he went to the Twin Peaks High School and told Laura's boyfriend, Bobby Briggs that Laura had been found dead.[1]

Laura's mother, Sarah Palmer, later told Dan about Laura’s activities the night before, saying that she remembered saying good night and that Laura's phone rang once during the evening. When the interrogation came to an end, Deputy Andy Brennan informed him that mill worker Janek Pulaski reported his daughter, Sharon Pulaski missing.[1]

At the Calhoun Memorial Hospital, Dan met with FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, who had taken over the case, and escorted him to the unconscious Sharon Pulaski, who had gone missing the night before. They talked about the little connection Sharon and Laura had.[1]

After Cooper found a piece of paper bearing the letter “R” under one of Laura’s fingernails, Dan asked him what was going on, and Dale proceeded to explain that a similar piece of paper was found under the fingernail of murder victim Teresa Banks a year prior. At the sheriff's station, Dale and Dan looked through Laura’s possessions, including her diary. They found out that she was “nervous about meeting ‘J’” the night before. Dale also found a key and some cocaine residue. Steadman denied that it was cocaine, saying that Laura was not that type of person.[1]

Among Laura's possessions was a video tape of she and her best friend Donna Hayward. The lawmen presented the tape to Bobby Briggs, but he denied being the one who filmed it and failed to come up with someone with the initial "J." Cooper believed him to be not guilty of Laura's murder. Cooper then determined that the person who filmed the girls was a biker, due to the reflection of a motorcycle in a close-up of Donna's eye.[1]

Dan and Cooper then went to a mountainside cave where Laura was murdered and found half of a necklace and a piece of paper with blood on it, spelling out “FIRE. WALK WITH ME”.[1]

After going to the train car, Steadman and Cooper went to the bank to open Laura’s safety deposit box, finding issues of Sex Toys: Swingers, Coast-to-Coast and over ten thousand dollars in cash. In one of the magazines, they saw a picture of Sharon Pulaski, discovering a further connection.[1]

At a town meeting held that evening, Dan told Cooper about Giovanna Packard and her husband, Andrew Packard, saying that he died in a boating accident the year before. He also told him about the property rivalry with Benjamin Horne. Afterward, he and Cooper went to the Roadhouse to prepare a stakeout. They watched as Bobby arrived with his friend Mike Nelson, and how Donna arrived and left with Joey Paulson. Dan pursued Joey's motorcycle and eventually lost track of it, but later stopped James Hurley and Donna, who were coming back from their meeting.[1]

After going back to the station, Cooper and Steadman stood around the water cooler. Cooper said that he would need a reasonably priced hotel room, and Dan told him that he should stay at the Great Northern Hotel. Dan then left the station after Lucy Moran informed him of Giovanna Packard reporting a prowler. We went to the Blue Pine Lodge, where Giovanna lived with Pete Martell and his wife, Katherine. They kissed and looked out to where Laura’s body was found.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Steadman only appeared in the original script for the pilot episode of Twin Peaks, then titled Northwest Passage. The character was rewritten as Sheriff Harry S. Truman and was played by Michael Ontkean.


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