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Darya was an associate of Cooper.


Alongside Ray Monroe, Darya was retrieved from Buella by Cooper.[1]

She ate dinner with Ray, Cooper, and Jack, listening to Ray and Cooper's conversation about plans they had concerning information that Cooper wanted from the secretary to William Hastings.[2]


Later, after Cooper had been out, she quickly hung up the phone after talking to Ray about their job to kill Cooper. When Cooper asked who she was speaking to she said it was Jack. He told her that Ray had not shown up for a meeting they planned and asked to borrow her gun. He joined her on the bed and revealed to her that had killed Jack two hours prior. She tried to escape his grasp, but he restrained her. He then played a tape of the conversation she just had with Ray, who was apparently in federal prison in South Dakota for carrying weapons over the state line. The call also revealed that she and Ray had a message from Phillip Jeffries to kill Cooper. She asked Cooper if he was going to kill her. She tried to escape again, but he restrained her once more and punched her in the face. She claimed to not know who hired them nor the reason why he was to be killed but did reveal that she and Ray were to split $500,000 for their payment. Darya tried to plea with Cooper by saying she would not have followed through and reminded him he was to go away the next day, but Cooper said he was not going to. He asked her if Ray got the information from Hastings' secretary or coordinates, but she did not know. He showed her an ace with a strange symbol on it, telling her that was what he wanted. Darya tried to escape again, but Cooper overpowered her and shot her in the head, muffling the sound with a pillow.[2]


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