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Detective Dave Macklay is a detective with the Buckhorn Police Department.


Macklay arrived at the apartment of Ruth Davenport, who had been found dead. Constance Talbot investigated the scene and they pulled off the bedsheet supposedly covering Ruth's body to find that her head had been severed and a man's headless body was placed on the bed.[1]

Talbot informed Dave that the head was confirmed as Ruth Davenport's and that fingerprints were found at the scene, matching those of William Hastings, Macklay's fishing buddy and friend since high school. He went to Hastings' home and arrested him.[1]

Dave questioned Bill, whose story lined up until there was a 45 to 50-minute gap between his leaving a meeting on the night of the murder and his arrival at home. Macklay found this strange and Hastings eventually blamed it on taking his assistant a ride home. The detective then escorted Bill to a jail cell.[1]

With a search warrant, Macklay, Harrison, and other officers went to the Hastings home. In Bill's car, they found a piece of flesh.[1]

Macklay allowed Phyllis to briefly speak with her husband, which became a bitter conversation between the couple.[2]

Talbot later showed Macklay and Chief Boyd that the identity of the John Doe found in Davenport's apartment required military authorization.[3]

Talbot later confirmed the John Doe's cause of death to be decapitation and revealed to Macklay and Harrison a ring found inside the body, inscribed, "To Dougie, with love, Janey-E."[4]

Lieutenant Cynthia Knox of the United States Air Force later came to observe the John Doe.[5]


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