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Doorway Picture Frame

Doorway Picture Frame

The Doorway Picture Frame is given to Laura Palmer by Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont in Twin Peaks: FWWM. It is explored by Laura in her dream. She "enters" the picture frame into the First Room and makes her way into the Second Room where Mrs. Tremond/Chalfont points her to yet another room. She enters the Third Room where Pierre Tremond/Chalfont awaits in the dark. He snaps his fingers and the room is lit. The room then dissolves into the familiar red drapes and black and white zig-zag floor of the Black Lodge.
First Room picture frame

First Room

Mrs. Chalfont in Second Room

Mrs. Tremond in the Second Room

Pierre in the Third Room 1

Pierre in the Third Room

Pierre in the Third Room 2

Pierre in the Third Room

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