Doppelgangers, also known as tulpas,[1] of Laura Palmer, her father, the Man from Another Place, Annie Blackburn, Maddy Ferguson, Caroline Earle, and Dale Cooper could be seen in the Black Lodge.

They looked similar to the originals but with a slight difference such as having white eyes. In the outer world, Cooper's doppelganger had black irises instead. The evolution of the arm's doppelganger had a yellow "head" instead of the white-colored original.

In 1975, the first case of what would later be refered to as Blue Rose cases, FBI Agents Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries found the tulpa of Lois Duffy fatally shot by the original and disappearing into thin air after stating itself to be like a blue rose: an unnatural phenomena.

It is unclear wether or not Dougie Jones was, unknowingly, another doppelganger of Dale Cooper although he is known to have been manufactured in 1997.

Behind the scenes Edit

The only times the word is used in the franchise, it is written "doppelganger" without umlauts, but in other fiction and folklore it is written "doppelgänger". It might be because the font used does not support such characters but since this font is not yet indentified, it remains unsure.

A doppelgänger is a paranormal double of a living person, typically representing evil or misfortune. In modern vernacular, it is simply any double or look-alike of a person, as is the original German meaning of the word.

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