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"Dougie?! You're... an interesting fellow."
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Douglas "Dougie" Jones[1] was a decoy of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, presumably manufactured by Cooper's doppelganger.


After escaping the Black Lodge, Dale Cooper's doppelganger was destined to return there at 2:53 p.m. around twenty-five years later. The doppelganger "manufactured" Dougie Jones sometime before 2014, so that Dougie would be the one to return in his place. Dougie was in possession of the ring, which he wore on his left arm. His earliest records dated to 1997.[2][3]

During Dougie's existence, he was married to Janey-E, with whom he had a son named Sonny Jim, and worked as an insurance agent at Lucky 7 Insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2002.[3] Dougie lived in the house with a red door at 25140 Lancelot Court, near Merlin's Market. He was friends with Bill and Candy Shaker and was wanted dead by a group of men, including Gene, Jake, and Mikey, who had made attempts at killing him.[2] It also seemed that he frequently had "episodes" in which he seemed almost catatonic,[4] possibly caused by a car accident he was involved in prior to being hired at Lucky 7 Insurance.[3]

Death Edit

On the appointed day, Dougie had been away from his family for several days with no contact, and he owed $52,000 to Jimmy and Tommy for a football bet.[5][6] During this time, he was with a prostitute named Jade at an unoccupied house in the Rancho Rosa development. After finishing their tryst, Jade went to shower, while Dougie's left arm became numb and he grew violently ill. He crawled to the living room, where he vomited some corn kernels among other things on the floor. He was then transported to a red room in The Black Lodge, where MIKE told him that he had been manufactured by someone for a purpose that had now been fulfilled. Dougie then transformed into black smoke, along with a golden orb that rose out of it. The smoke seemed to materialize into the head of the Experiment, which MIKE shielded himself from viewing. Suddenly, the golden orb appeared again and seemed to defeat the head and came to rest in the seat.. MIKE picked up both the ring and the orb, placing the ring on a table.[2]

The real Dale Cooper then was transported out the Black Lodge and took over Dougie's identity in a catatonic state. Dougie's family and friends recognized Cooper as Dougie and continued to treat him as such. Gene and Jake attempted to kill Cooper but failed.[2]

Dougie's wedding ring was discovered inside a man's decapitated body in Buckhorn, South Dakota. The body had been found in the apartment of Ruth Davenport along with Davenport's severed head.[4]

Behind the scenes Edit

His Nevada car license plate sticker's yellow color and design (text to the left, bottom and right of the month of expiration number and nothing above) indicate that the expiration year is either 2013 or 2016. Though, it can be noted that in Nevada, registrations may be renewed online up to 18 months after expiration.

Dougie's changing into a gold nugget is very similar to Lynch short film Dream #7 and a scene from his unproduced Ronnie Rocket script in which a character becomes a golden egg.

Trivia Edit

  • His "Sunset" Nevada car plate serial number is DUGE LV, and the license plate sticker reads that it expires in March but its year of expiration, its serial number and its state are not seeable though the later are guessable to be "DUGE LV" and "Nevada." The tags are 2003.



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