Einar Thorson is an Icelandic businessman who invested in Benjamin Horne's Ghostwood project.


In 1989, Einar attended a gathering at the Great Northern Hotel and spoke with Garland Briggs, who told him of his fascination with Iceland.[1]

He later spoke with Pete Martell, who was fascinated that the country of Iceland was above the timberline.[1]

Thorson sang loudly the next day with Ben and Jerry Horne, with a beer in hand. They were then dismissed to the dining room by Jerry.[2]

During a trip to One Eyed Jack's the following day, he agreed to the terms of the business partnership with Benjamin Horne.[3]

Horne finished signing the papers and left Thorson with two girls at the brothel.[3]

Einar phoned the Horne Corporation after learning that the Packard Sawmill had burned on the land he invested in.[4]


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