Emmet Cooper was the older brother of Dale Cooper.


Emmet was first mentioned by the 13-year-old Dale on Christmas 1967. He was said to be in college.[1]

Months later, on April 19, Dale said that his brother had moved to Canada to be a lumberjack, though the reality was that he was dodging the draft.[1]

The next time Dale mentioned Emmet was on November 17, 1969, after the funeral of their mother, which he did not attend, as he would have been arrested if he crossed the border.[1]

Dale did not hear from his brother again until August 1977, when he received a letter from him, criticizing Dale's decision to join the FBI. Despite being called a "tool of the establishment" and being told that he would "rot in hell," Cooper remarked that it was good to hear from Emmet.

The final time Dale mentioned Emmet was in July 1988, telling Diane that he wished to see him during his vacation time in Canada since they had not seen each other in over twenty years, but learned that his brother was then in South America.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Scott Frost, the character of Emmet was a last-minute addition to The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, which itself could have been linked to the original plans for the third season of Twin Peaks, had the show not been canceled. Mark Frost remarked that actor Roger Rees would have been "a great older brother for Dale."[2]



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