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"Episode 12", or, "The Orchid's Curse" is the fifth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks, and is the thirteenth episode overall.


Cooper turns off his alarm. He tells Diane that he dreamt he was eating a large, tasteless gumdrop, only to discover he was chewing one of his earplugs. He says he is doing 15 extra minutes of yoga in the morning to drive away the pain of his ribs (from being shot). While doing a headstand, he finds Audrey's note under the bed. It says she is going to One Eyed Jack's.

Hawk reports to Harry that two retired schoolteachers live next door to the Palmers' old place, and that they have no memory of a grey-haired man living next door. Lucy tells Harry that she will be visiting her sister and new nephew for two days. Cooper tells Harry he knows where Audrey is.

A salesman explains to Bobby and Shelly the workings of a harness to move a man from bed to chair. Shelly says that the hearing is today. They walk outside as the harness swings the salesman back and forth.

The judge holds court in the roadhouse. The district attorney urges that Leland be held without bail. Harry speaks in Leland's defense. The judge releases Leland on his own recognizance. Ben leaves after the ruling is announced.

Harold opens the door for Donna. Donna offers to share her life, to be part of his living novel, if he lets her read Laura's diary. Harold says that he will read it to her, but he won't let her take it away. Harold takes a notebook and the diary out of a secret shelf. Harold says he grew up in Boston, then corrects himself to say he grew up in books. Donna says that dreams might be real, then takes the diary outside. Harold follows her, then collapses.

The judge examines evidence against Leo. An attorney argues that since Leo is brain dead, trying him would be a mockery. The district attorney argues that they must proceed in order to give the town a sense of justice. The judge pulls Harry and Cooper aside to ask if they think Leo is guilty, and if the town needs an immediate trial. The judge concludes that he will deem Leo not competent to stand trial, and recommend that he be sent home. Sternwood advises Cooper to keep his eyes on the woods.

Big Ed and Nadine return home. James greets them, and Nadine asks who he is. Nadine is still convinced she is in high school. Big Ed says that Dr. Jacoby is in Hawaii recovering from his heart attack. Nadine accidentally rips the door off the refrigerator.

Ben enters his office to be met by Mr. Tojamura accompanied by a small man right after being told that he was here by Louie. He makes a bigger offer for the Ghostwood project, and says that Tokyo banks are ready to move immediately. He gives Ben a check for $5m.

Hank walks down the hall of the hotel. Bobby follows him, avoiding eyeshot. Cooper follows, playing with a duck call. Hank enters Ben's office, and watches him bow goodbye to the Japanese investors. Hank warns Ben that Cooper is on his way. The receptionist announces a call from Canada. Jean asks if Ben is ready to play. Ben asks to talk to Audrey, and Jean says that can wait. Jean instructs Ben where to leave the money. Ben shows Cooper the briefcase of money, in serialized denominations. Cooper tells Ben to stay near a phone, and leaves. Ben instructs Hank to make sure Cooper and the money are delivered, and to bring back Audrey.

Maddy and Donna examine a floor plan of Harold's home. Donna explains how to get Laura's diary, and says she'll signal with a flashlight.

Jean practices with a wrist weapon as he and Blackie eat fresh fruit. Blackie asks questions about how to make the deal work. Nancy, Blackie's sister, returns and Blackie leaves. Nancy says she's waited long enough for Blackie.

Andy is working the phones at the station. The office and his body are covered with post-its. He calls for the results of his semen analysis test. His sperm count is back up to normal.

Harry and Cooper examine a floor plan of One Eyed Jack's. Hawk reports that no one has seen the one-armed man at his hotel in two days. He found the same drug, and describes its strange smell. Hawk leaves, and Cooper and Harry continue to plan their approach.

Andy calls the number where Lucy is supposed to be staying. The number is actually for an abortion clinic.

Maddy orders a cup of coffee to go at the diner. James asks why, and Maddy leaves quickly.

Maddy watches Harold's house through the bushes. Donna is inside, giving Harold a memory. She and Laura were 13, wearing tight, short skirts to go to the roadhouse. They meet some men, Josh, Rick, and Tim, who were about 20. The girls leave with Rick to party. Laura dances and moves her hips. Donna suggests skinny-dipping, and Laura kisses Josh and Rick. Donna swims out, and Tim joins her and kisses her. She never saw Tim again, but she says it was the first time she fell in love. Harold tells her the story was beautiful.

Cooper and Harry creep toward One Eyed Jack's. A man is smoking outside. An owl stares at Cooper and hoots. Harry incapacitates the man, and they walk inside. Tools lie about the hallway. The officers search for the right room. Harry sees the backs of Jean and Blackie. The surveillance tape is paused on the television. Blackie asks Jean why he likes Nancy better.

Maddy continues to watch through the bushes. Harold tells Donna about raising flowers. He and Donna kiss gently. He leaves, and Donna signals through the window with a flashlight.

Cooper continues through the hallway. He finds Nancy, and forces her to take him to Audrey. Nancy pulls a knife, but Cooper anticipates this and overpowers her. He carries Audrey away. Jean kisses Blackie and kills her with the wrist weapon, then sees Harry watching through the window and fires at him before fleeing.  Cooper and Audrey reunite with Harry, but are confronted by a bodyguard with a gun. Hawk suddenly appears, throwing a knife into the bodyguard's back, and the four flee. Hank calls Ben to report that the officers are leaving with Audrey, just as Jean puts a knife to his neck. Jean finds the prosecutor's ID in Hank's pocket and believes it to be his.

Donna tries to silently instruct Maddy to access the secret compartment while Harold gives her an orchid. Maddy finds the secret compartment, but the shelf crashes to the floor. Harold sees Maddy and grabs a sharp gardening rake. Harold tells the girls that Laura knew the ultimate secret, the secret of who killed her, and cuts his face with the rake in agony, as Donna and Maddy cower in fear.

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