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"Episode 13", or, "Demons" is the sixth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks, and the fourteenth episode overall.


Harold tells Donna that she lies and betrays just like all the others. He is about to stab Donna when James bursts in and pulls them out; Harold holds on to the diary. James says he will go to the police.

An owl hoots over the opening credits.

Cooper carries Audrey into a bedroom and lays her down. He finds evidence that she has been drugged with heroin. She mumbles in her delirium about her throat hurting, and about sinking. She regains lucidity and tells Cooper that she had prayed for him to come.

Donna and James watch Maddy drive off. James says that they should stick together, and that way they will be safe forever.

Harry thumbs through a book of criminal photos. Cooper tells him that Audrey was very close to a lethal dose of heroin. Harry has identified Jean Renault in the book. He tells Cooper about the surveillance tape, and Cooper deduces Jean's plot. Cooper says that he left his jurisdiction twice, and now Audrey is paying the price. Harry reassures him that Audrey is safe now. Harry tells Cooper that he is the best lawman he's ever met, but he thinks too much.

Cooper meets Ben in the hotel dining room with the briefcase of money. He reports that Audrey was at the One Eyed Jack's, that Blackie was murdered by Jean Renault, and that Audrey is recovering from a drug overdose. Ben hugs and thanks Cooper.

Bobby pushes Leo through the kitchen in a wheelchair. The insurance agent congratulates Bobby and Shelly on their dedication. Shelly signs the agreement and the agent gives them their first check, which is much smaller than Bobby had planned for.

Donna tells Harry about Laura's secret diary. Harry warns her that she's like the boy who cried wolf. Gordon Cole, Cooper's supervisor, enters. He is deaf. Gordon delivers Albert's reports: the hair from outside Cooper's room was from a vicuna coat, the drug from Gerard's syringe was unique, and the papers from near the train track were from a diary. Hawk enters dragging Gerard. Harry takes Gerard to his office.

Ben visits Audrey, She rebuffs his words of comfort. She asks for Cooper to take her home.

Nadine proudly comes back with some bags and asks when her parents will be back from Europe.

Jonathan gets dressed and tells Josie they are leaving that night. Josie argues that she needs to be paid from the insurance money and by Ben Horne. Jonathan says he will kill Harry if she does not leave that night.

Maddy looks over the lake. James sits next to her. He apologizes for their romantic confusion. Maddy says that she liked it that James was confusing her for Laura. She says that he and Donna belong together. Maddy says she's going home the next day.

Ben hands Josie a glass of wine. She says she won't leave the office without her money. Ben threatens her with his secret file on her late husband's demise. She rebounds with her own key to a safety deposit box full of evidence against him. Ben signs over to her the check from the Bank of Tokyo.

Bobby, Shelly, and Leo have a party celebrating his homecoming. Bobby and Shelly kiss, Leo's head droops forward, and Shelly screams.

Cooper meets Gordon at the station house. Gordon tells Cooper that Albert thinks Cooper is in over his head, like he was in Pittsburgh. Gordon delivers an anonymous letter that was sent to the home office. It is an opening move from a chess deal. It is from Windom Earle.

Ben and Leland enter Ben's office. Ben says he needs Leland back. Leland says that he is 110%. Ben says Jerry is on his way to check out the new investors, and they need a way to delay the project. Leland suggests several devious ways.

Harry enters Josie's house, and finds Jonathan carrying a full load of suitcases. Josie tells Harry she's leaving. Harry tells her she can't leave, that he loves her. She turns away.

Ben lights a cigar at a table with Mr. Tojamura, who asks why he has nothing, when Ben has a cashier's check for $5m. Mr. Tojamura says he will withdraw. Ben tries to dance around the questions, and Tojamura says his family was at Nagasaki. The sounds of a piano and Leland's voice begin, and Ben excuses himself. Leland does not take the hint to stop. Tojamura watches from the bar; next to him, Pete turns and says "The King and I." As Leland and Ben exchange compliments, Pete tries hard to engage Tojamura in conversation.

The officers interrogate Gerard, who begs for his medicine. Cooper asks if he suffers from schizophrenia. He begins a seizure, and speaks in an otherworldly voice. He says his name is Mike, and he is an inhabiting spirit. He says that BOB was his familiar, and that he cannot reveal where BOB came from. He says that BOB is eager for fun, and that everyone runs when he smiles. He talks about parasites, and says that BOB needs a host to feed on fear and the pleasures. Cooper speaks in an otherworldly voice, and together they recite a poem: "Through the darkness, the future past, the magician longs to see, one chants out between two worlds, fire walk with me." Mike says that he saw God, and took off his arm, but remained close to Gerard in order to stop BOB. He says that the picture is BOB's true face, but few can see it: only the gifted and the damned. He says that for the last 40 years, BOB has been in a lodge house in the trees, a house with many similar rooms but occupied by different souls every night. Cooper says "The Great Northern Hotel!"

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