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"Episode 5" or "Cooper's Dreams" is the sixth episode of the first season of Twin Peaks.


The opening credits roll over a nearly full, orange moon. Men are singing and clapping. Cooper makes a voice note that he has been awakened at 4am. He asks Diane to send him earplugs.

Cooper enters the dining room as the singing continues. The waitress says they are a business junket from Iceland. Audrey offers to help Cooper with his case. Cooper tells her to go to school, then asks how old she is. Eighteen. Cooper leaves as Jerry hugs a loud man.

Benjamin is smoking a cigar in his office. Jerry enters. Benjamin says all the guests have complained about the men from Iceland, and Jerry says they are excited about the building project. Ben says he is throwing a gala reception for the Icelandic investors and suggests a visit to One Eyed Jack's. Leland enters and offers his help with the new investment group. He breaks down crying.

The police are at Jacques' apartment. Jacques had worked at the lumber mill until he gained weight, then he started tending bar. Harry reports that no one has seen Jacques for two days, and that it looks like Bernie jumped bail. Dr. Will Hayward reports that the blood on the shirt is the wrong type to be Laura Palmer's, but it might be Jacques'. There is a dirty magazine attached to the ceiling. The magazine is a clearinghouse, a middle man between readers and advertisers. Jacques had represented a transvestite, and there was a picture of Leo Johnson's truck in the bookmarked page.

Shelly and Bobby sit down for breakfast. They joke about how they will stand up to Leo. Bobby hides as Andy comes to the door. Shelly talks with Andy about Leo, Laura, and Jacques, and promises to call as soon as Leo gets back home. Bobby praises her performance, then Leo calls to ask if anyone has looked for him. Bobby slips the gun into her hands, and she looks at it as she tells Leo she misses him.

Big Ed meets Norma at his gas station. Nadine is meeting a patent attorney for her silent drape runners. Norma says that Hank will be returning. Big Ed says that Nadine is not well. Norma tells Ed not to call her.

Audrey interviews with the manager of the department store. She refuses to start in the wrapping department. She asks to start in perfumes. She blackmails the manager into consenting.

Donna meets James in a gazebo. James says that his father did not die when he was 10, his father was a musician and ran away. He says that his mom is an alcoholic writer who gets some bottles of booze and picks up guys. James says that he does not want any secrets between him and Donna.

The officers and a forensic team are going through Jacques' apartment. They discover that Jacques managed correspondence for another advertiser in the magazine: Laura. Her photograph is in front of red drapes, much like those in the cabin in Jacques' photograph. Cooper says to pack up to look through the woods.

Madeleine enters the diner and meets James and Donna. Donna swears Madeleine to secrecy. They ask Madeleine to look for Laura's secret hiding place. She agrees, and they leave. Hank is at the next table: he heard their conversation.

Norma and Shelly enter the cafe with their hair and make-up done. Hank greets Norma and says he will try to earn his way back into Norma's heart. She tells him to start by washing dishes. "An Invitation to Love" is on television: a biker-type guy is beating up the nerdy old guy as the bearded guy watches.

Bobby's parents talk about his behavior problems. Dr. Jacoby is listening. He asks Bobby if he's been using drugs. He says no, but he has been drinking. Bobby says that his father has killed people. Dr. Jacoby asks the Briggs to leave so that he can talk to Bobby privately. Dr. Jacoby asks Bobby if he cried the first time he and Laura made love. He asks if Laura laughed at him. Bobby says that Laura wanted to die, that she told him so. She told him that people were sick and rotten. Dr. Jacoby asks if Laura had a terrible secret, and says that she wanted to corrupt people. Bobby says that Laura made him sell drugs.

Cinematic punctuation of a lone flying bird, a mountain, and trees.

The officers walk through the woods and a raven watches them. Hawk tracks a path to a cabin. Cooper says it is the wrong cabin. Harry advises Dr. Hayward to hang back. The Log Lady greets them on the porch. She offers them tea and cookies. She says the owls won't see them inside. She says her log saw something significant. She says that her husband was a lumber man, and that he had met the devil. Harry said it was the day after the wedding. She interprets the log: it saw two men and two girls, and heard some screaming.

The men go farther through the woods and find the cabin from the picture. They sneak up on it: a record player is playing "Into the Night" vinyl , making Cooper remarks that "there is always music in the air" and they find Waldo in a bird cage. Some twine is on the floor and a bloodstain. A poker chip rolls out of the cuckoo clock: it is missing a piece of the same shape as was found in Laura's stomach.

Jocelyn smokes in the dark.

The Martells enter the gala for the men from Iceland. Major Briggs chats and Jerry flirts. Leland looks around. As Benjamin tells jokes, Catherine pours her champagne on his foot. He tells her to meet him in his office.

Audrey enters her secret passage and eavesdrops. Catherine confronts Ben about the poker chip. She slaps him, then they kiss. He says he will give Josie one more chance to sell, but he has retained the services of a professional.

Jerry gives a speech and is interrupted by some music. Leland cries out and starts dancing. Catherine joins him. Ben tells Jerry to get Leland out of his life. Everyone starts dancing. Audrey watches and cries.

Jocelyn smokes in the dark.

Madeleine creeps through the house and calls Donna. She says she's found a tape in a secret hiding place.

Jocelyn smokes in the dark and Benjamin enters and turns on a light. Josie says no one saw her come in. Josie found the second book in Catherine's desk where he said it would be. Ben tells Josie they can proceed tomorrow night.

Shelly lights a cigarette at the stove. Leo drives up in an old truck. He pulls two cans of gasoline out of a shed, then Hank attacks him and warns him not to compete. Leo walks in his house, dirty and bloody, and pushes Shelly to the ground, telling her to get him a beer. She pulls the gun on him. He says she wouldn't. She shoots him. The ceiling light swings back and forth.

Cinematic punctuation: close-up of a waterfall.

Cooper walks down the hallway to the sound of men singing. The door to his room is held open with an antler. Audrey lies naked in his bed, crying. She asks him not to make her leave.

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  • The script states the Invitation to Love's section to be silent, but in the video releases of the episode, it is not. There, Montana's line to Chet can be clearly heard: "Chetster, you little fruit loop, you’re done – done!"


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