Ersel Martell was the son of Martell Mill founder Zebulon Martell and father of Pete Martell.


In October 1914, alongside Jean Jacques Renault, Martell was involved in a knife fight against Thomas Packard, who was nearly killed. After Renault fled, Martell stood trial for the incident and spent three years at the Washington State Penitentiary.[1]

Martell returned to town after his sentence[1] and married Bessie Spoon, with whom he had Pete Martell before dying of food poisoning.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Martell was first mentioned in Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town as Nealith Martell, who inherited the Martell Mill after his father's death and was largely incompetent, which led to his being forced to sell the mill to the Packards. However, in The Secret History of Twin Peaks, he was renamed Ersel and never inherited the mill, as his father sold it on his deathbed.


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