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The Experiment Model is a strange figure.

Biography Edit

A short time before Nixon's resignation from the US presidency, a similar figure appeared to Douglas Milford, Jackie Gleason and Richard Nixon in Hampton Air Base's glass box.[1]

The Experiment Model appeared briefly holding a small golden sphere in a black mist in a glass box in New York City moments after Dale Cooper.[2] It flickered for a few moments before breaking out and killing and shredding away the skulls of Sam Colby and Tracey Barberato.[3]

Agent Tamara Preston later showed a still image of the figure, taken from a camera at the crime scene, to Agent Albert Rosenfield and FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole, who were both visibly bewildered by the figure.[4]

Behind the scene Edit

It looks similar to the white naked figures from some pictures from David Lynch, notably those of his Distorted Nudes book, "Woman Thinking #2" seen in the Dark Splendor book and the Head Series from his "Small Stories" exposition.

It could be theorised that the people watching the glass box expecting something to happen are an allegory of the viewers watching the series, but that was not Lynch's original intention.[5]


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