FBI Special Agent Chester Desmond at the trailer park in 1988.

Fat Trout Trailer Park is located in Deer Meadow, Washington. Owned by Carl Rodd, it was where Teresa Banks lived for a month before being killed in one of the trailer which was distinct from her own.

Residents Edit

  • Carl Rodd - owner, manager
  • Teresa Banks - deceased
  • Mrs. Chalfont
  • Mrs. Chalfont's grandson
  • Two Chalfonts who rented a trailer space before leaving
  • Deputy Cliff Howard
  • Curious Woman
  • Millie - left a note to Carl about her missing cat
  • Sam - left a note to Carl about leaving the park
  • Margaret - asking for hot water to Carl, he eventually gives her some Valium

Behind the scenesEdit

In the shooting script of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the trailer park was instead called Canyon Trailer park.

The trailer park appears again in the 2017 series and is shown to be within driving distance of Twin Peaks.



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