FBI Special Agent Chester Desmond at the trailer park in 1988.

Fat Trout Trailer Park was a trailer park located in Deer Meadow, Washington. Owned by Carl Rodd, it was where Teresa Banks lived for a month before being killed in one of the trailer which was distinct from her own.

A new trailer park bearing the name was established by September 2016 in Rodd's hometown of Twin Peaks.

Residents Edit

  • Carl Rodd - owner, manager
  • Teresa Banks - deceased
  • Mrs. Chalfont
  • Mrs. Chalfont's grandson
  • Two Chalfonts who rented a trailer space before leaving
  • Deputy Cliff Howard
  • Curious Woman
  • Millie - left a note to Carl about her missing cat
  • Sam - left a note to Carl about leaving the park
  • Margaret - asks for hot water to Carl; he suggests he give her some Valium

Behind the scenesEdit

In the shooting script of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the trailer park was instead called Canyon Trailer park.


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