February 19 is the 50th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 1989
    • At the Timber Falls Motel, Phillip Gerard puts out a circle of candles, chanting, "Fire walk with me."[2]
    • Donna and Laura recover from the previous night at Donna's house, Donna struggling to recall how she made it home. Crying, she hugs Laura, who says she doesn't want Donna to be like her. Leland arrives to take Laura to breakfast.[3]
    Road rage

    Phillip Gerard shouts at the Palmers

    • On the way, Leland and Laura are pursued by Gerard, who roars past them and pulls up next to Leland, shouting at him about stealing "the corn. Leland guns the engine to drown him out, as Gerard waves a ring at Laura and shouts that "it's" her father. Leland speeds away and pulls up at a mechanic's shop. Laura, emotionally shot, tries to recall where she has seen the man before, then asks her father if he stopped by the house two days before.[3]
    • At night, Laura remembers seeing Gerard's ring on Teresa Banks' finger, and offered to her by a little man in a dream. She asks BOB who he really is. Leland recalls murdering Teresa the previous year.[3]

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