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"It is in our house now."
The Fireman[src]

The Fireman lived in a massive fortress set on a rocky atoll in a vast purple sea.

Properties Edit

Fireman's home (living room)

Senorita Dido

Within the fortress's walls, people and objects appeared to be black and white. The Fireman and Senorita Dido lived in a set of rooms decorated in early 20th century decor, including a sitting room and a large projection room. Bell-shaped mechanisms with unknown purposes were scattered throughout the building.[1]

History Edit

In July 1945, a mechanism in the fortress alerted the Fireman and Senorita Dido to the experiment giving "birth" to BOB and other malignant spirits. The Fireman went to the projection room and saw this process occur, and then levitated, emitting a golden aura from his head. A gold orb bearing Laura Palmer's image emerged from this aura, which Dido embraced and sent into the air. It passed through a tube and then through the screen, landing on a representation of the Earth.[1]

Fireman's home (theater)

The fortress' projection room

On another occasion, Dale Cooper and the Fireman sat together in a similar room listening to a gramophone as it emitted unusual noises. The stranger gave Cooper a series of clues and said that Cooper was "far away," whereupon Cooper disappeared.[2]

On October 1, Deputy Andy Brennan disappeared from the woods on Blue Pine Mountain and appeared in a chair, sitting across from the Fireman. When the man raised his hand, a smoke-emitting device appeared in Brennan's hands and his attention was directed to a porthole in the ceiling, where he saw a series of images, including the experiment, the woodsmen, Dale Cooper and his double, Laura Palmer, and the eyeless woman Brennan had just found in the woods. After seeing himself and his wife Lucy walking through the Twin Peaks sherrif's station, he was returned to the woods and told his companions that they needed to keep the woman safe.[3]