Frank Silva was a Native American set dresser and sometime actor best known for his disturbing performance as the evil spirit Killer BOB in the TV series Twin Peaks.

Silva had a degree in lighting design from San Francisco State University and worked as a prop master and set decorator on several films including David Lynch’s Wild at Heart.

Silva worked on Lynch’s Twin Peaks. According to David Lynch on the 2007 Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition DVD release of Twin Peaks, Lynch was upstairs in the Laura Palmer house, near Silva as he worked, and suddenly realized that Silva might have a place in the show. He asked Silva if he was an actor, and Silva said that he was. Later, Lynch accidentally caught him on camera when his reflection appeared in a mirror, and thus was born the character of Killer BOB, a dark spirit who haunts Laura. Silva appeared occasionally as BOB for the remainder of the Twin Peaks series and even appeared as BOB in the 1992 feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. His first major appearance is in the International Version of the Twin Peaks pilot, which contained a standalone ending that resolved the mystery of the series and incorporated the above-mentioned accidental footage.

Silva appears in the Anthrax video "Only." [1]

Frank Silva died on September 13, 1995, aged 45, due to complications brought on by AIDS.[2]

Silva appears posthumously in the 2017 revival of Twin Peaks through the use of archive footage and special effects.


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