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Franklin "Frank" Truman was the sheriff of Twin Peaks, a position he held prior to and after his brother.


He was named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt by his father.[1]

He gave the nickname "Hawk" to Tommy Hill, referring to a tomahawk due to Hill's heritage.

In high school, he was the team captain of football team of 1968, alongside his brother Harry, "Big" Ed Hurley, Hawk, Hank Jennings, Thad "Toad" Barker, and Jerry Horne.

He served as a Green Beret in the Vietnam War. He then became the sheriff of Twin Peaks, a position previously held by his father and subsequently by Harry when Frank left Twin Peaks. He also had a job in law enforcement in western Washington, the area his wife, Doris originated from.[1]

By 2014, Frank had returned to Twin Peaks, once again serving as sheriff in the stead of his brother, who had become ill.[2] At some point, Frank and Doris had a son who became a soldier and eventually committed suicide.[3]

After a fishing trip, Frank went to the sheriff's station after speaking with Lucy Brennan on a cell phone, which scared her, causing her to fall back in her chair. He then got an update from Maggie and the fellow deputies on situations that had occurred in the town while he was away, including a drug overdose by Denny Craig. He saw Deputy Bobby Briggs in the hallway and surmised that Denny's overdose was from Chinese designer drugs and told Bobby to keep on the lookout.[2]

Truman then met with Hawk, concerning a message from Margaret Lanterman's log that related to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, who had disappeared from the town 25 years prior. He dismissed the skeptical Deputy Chad Broxford and Bobby revealed to them that Cooper was the last one to have seen his father alive, but did not know what the two discussed. Andy and Lucy's son, Wally Brando then arrived and paid his respects to Frank's brother, hoping for him to overcome his illness.[2]

Sometime later, after a phone call with his brother, Frank's wife came to him, clearly frustrated about various things, including a leaky pipe at their house and her father's car.[4]

Doris later returned, frustrated with Frank due to her belief that her father's car had still not been repaired.[3]

Hawk brought pages to Frank that were found in a bathroom stall door at the station. The pages belonged to a diary belonging to Laura Palmer and recounted a dream she had where Annie Blackburn told her that the "Good Dale" was in the Lodge, but could not leave. The two agreed to fill in Harry on the details, since he was the first person to see Cooper upon his exit from the Lodge. However, Frank allowed his brother -- whose illness apparently worsened -- to rest before being told of the discovery.[5]

Frank then contacted Doctor Will Hayward, who saw to Cooper's condition after his exit from the Lodge. He noted to Truman strange behavior from Cooper, as well as a possible visit to Audrey Horne in an intensive care unit, where she was in a coma.[5]

Along with Hawk and Bobby, Frank visited Bobby's mother, Betty, who told them that she had been expecting this meeting after her husband told her about it prior to his death. She gave them a metallic container that Garland had hidden inside of a chair.[6]

They took the container back to the sheriff's station and kicked Chad out of the conference room to open it. However, Frank and Hawk could not and an amused Bobby took them outside to open it, revealing slips of paper referring to the "Jackrabbits Place" – an imaginary place where Bobby and Garland used to play during the former's childhood – and a series of letters and numbers, "COOPER / COOPER" being among them.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

Frank is played by Robert Forster, who had been the first choice to play Frank's brother, Harry S. Truman.[7]




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