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Major Garland Briggs, played by Don S. Davis, is a U.S. Air Force officer involved in Project Blue Book. He is the father of Bobby, whose smoking he cannot abide. His work is highly classified; he does not tell even his family about it. His name is probably taken from mathematician Garland Briggs, who worked with J. W. Alexander.

The role can be seen as a precursor to Davis’s character Lt. Gen. George Hammond on the series Stargate SG-1, who is also an Air Force officer involved in secret projects. His greatest fear is “the possibility that love is not enough.” Due to Major Briggs’s secret investigations, the entrance to the Black Lodge is discovered in the woods at Twin Peaks. He is himself abducted (possibly taken to the White Lodge), and is told to deliver a message to Special Agent Dale Cooper at one point, by the Log Lady.

In the second season, Major Briggs and Bobby find some common ground and make up. Later in the second season we learn that Major Briggs is also the only person who can enter the waiting room without getting his soul annihilated.
Major Garland Briggs

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