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Major Garland Briggs is a U.S. Air Force officer involved in Project Blue Book. He is the father of Bobby, whose smoking he cannot abide. His work is highly classified; he does not tell even his family about it. His name is probably taken from mathematician Garland Briggs, who worked with J. W. Alexander.

His greatest fear is “the possibility that love is not enough.” Due to Major Briggs’s secret investigations, the entrance to the Black Lodge is discovered in the woods at Twin Peaks. He is himself abducted (possibly taken to the White Lodge), and is told to deliver a message to Special Agent Dale Cooper at one point, by the Log Lady.

In the second season, Major Briggs and Bobby find some common ground and make up. Later in the second season we learn that Major Briggs is also the only person who can enter the waiting room without getting his soul annihilated.

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 1Edit


Major Briggs sits in his kitchen in uniform, reading the newspaper as he has his shoulders massaged by his wife Betty until they receive a phone call, which his wife answers. On the phone is Sarah Palmer, whose daughter Laura is not home, and is calling to see if she is with the Briggs' son, Bobby, who is her boyfriend.

Later, the major is at the sheriff's station with his wife as they talk to their lawyer, and offers an ear to Bobby, as he will be home later in the evening. However, Bobby turns him down. Confused about the situation, they go home.

Episode 1Edit

He prays with his family around the dinner table. He tells Bobby he wishes to discuss his feelings about Laura's murder and that he respects his rebellious nature, but notes that there are limits. When Bobby ignores him and places a cigarette in his mouth, the major slaps him, his patience being pushed to the limit.

Episode 3Edit
Major Garland Briggs

Major Briggs speaks to his son, reprimanding him for smoking a cigarette and telling him to put it out. He discusses funerals with his son, saying that Laura died too soon and that they have a responsibility to the dead. He again speaks of his willingness to talk more to his son.

Episode 5Edit

With his family, Major Briggs attends a family counseling session with Doctor Lawrence Jacoby. He and his wife state their worries with Bobby's behavior. Jacoby then states he wishes to see Bobby alone. The major protests, but the psychiatrist says he will need to see each family member individually. They leave them alone.

He later attends a party at the Great Northern Hotel with Icelandic businessmen, talking to Einar Thorson about his fascination with Iceland.

Season 2Edit

Episode 8Edit

He sits at the Double R Diner and sees his son come in. He requests for him to join him, which he goes. Bobby asks what he does, but he says that it is classified. He tells Bobby about a vision he had of a grand home. He says his son happily visited the home and the two embraced. As he leaves the diner, Hank Jennings asks him how the pie was, to which Briggs says "exceptional." They share a salute and he leaves.

Episode 9Edit

Briggs has a coffee at the diner and observes Deputy Andy struggling with tape. The Log Lady comes and sits next to him. She asks him if he is proud of his medals, but he says "achievement is its own reward. Pride obscures it." She then says her log has something to tell him, but he cannot hear it, so she translates "Deliver the message" and the Major understands the meaning of this.

He visits Agent Cooper at the Great Northern to deliver a message concerning a communication in deep space, specifically one found from around the time Cooper was shot, saying "THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM." This was followed in the morning with another communication saying "COOPER" several times.

Episode 16Edit

Briggs escorts an old waiter to the roadhouse.

He meets with the lawmen the morning after the killer of Laura is determined as Leland Palmer, who has died in custody, having been possessed to commit the crimes by an entity called Bob. Briggs states that there is much more at hand than they can handle.

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Twin Peaks: The Missing PiecesEdit

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Behind the scenesEdit

The role can be seen as a precursor to Davis’s character Lt. Gen. George Hammond on the series Stargate SG-1, who is also an Air Force officer involved in secret projects.

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