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Pierre Tremond holding creamed corn, or Garmonbozia.

Garmonbozia is a concept from the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, David Lynch’s prequel to the Twin Peaks. Physically, garmonbozia takes the shape of creamed corn.

Creamed corn is referenced in the series when Laura Palmer’s best friend Donna takes over Laura’s “meals on wheels” route and accidentally serves the Tremonds (the little boy with the white mask and the old lady) creamed corn. Also, in the film Mike accuses Leland of stealing the corn he had canned “above the store.”

Secondly, garmonbozia refers to “pain and sorrow.” Bob, and possibly Mike or other inhabitants of the Lodge, feed on garmonbozia as it is mentioned by name and/or description throughout the series and movie by Mike, Bob, the Tremonds, and The Man from Another Place.

Loosely speaking, "garmonbozia" is negative spiritual energy of pain and suffering, or perhaps created from pain and suffering. The bad spirits who inhabit the Black Lodge, such as BOB, intentionally manipulate people in Twin Peaks into negative situations in which they will experience emotional pain and sorrow, in order to generate garmonbozia. This influence can be direct, such as when BOB possesses people's bodies to commit murders, but it also seems to be a pervasive indirect influence on the entire town, which may account for the eccentric or obsessive behavior of many of its inhabitants. Garmonbozia is negative energy, and has no real physical form: it only appears as creamed corn during visions of the Black Lodge because this is a form humans can comprehend. It takes the form of a food product because it is a food of sorts to the evil spirits. Similarly, the "Man From Another Place" isn't a real dwarf who exists physically, he simply appears in this form so Cooper can comprehend him.

It can also be used to describe any surrealistic MacGuffin inserted in film or television.

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