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Giovanna Pasqualini Packard is the owner of the Packard Sawmill following the death of her husband, Andrew Packard.


On the morning of November 14, Giovanna sat at a vanity table while combing her hair. She looked out the window as Pete left to go fishing. However, Pete discovered the body of Laura Palmer.[1]

Later, she got into an argument with her sister-in-law Katherine, who wanted to keep the mill running through the rest of the day while Packard wanted it shut down, due to the disappearance of worker Janek Pulaski's daughter, Sharon and the murder of Laura Palmer. She got her way when Pete ordered the workers to pull the plug. She then announced to the workers her reasons for the mill closing for the day.[1]

She later attended a conference where Special Agent Dale Cooper announced the FBI's takeover of the Laura Palmer case, due to its similarities to a murder that occurred the previous year.[1]

Later, she reported a prowler to the Sheriff's Department in order to summon her lover, Sheriff Dan Steadman. She expressed to him that she was scared and they looked on where Laura was found.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit


Rossellini in Lynch's Blue Velvet

It was the intention of David Lynch to have Giovanna be played by his partner, Isabella Rossellini, who previously played Dorothy Vallens in his film Blue Velvet. However, the role was rewritten as a Chinese immigrant named Josie Packard, played by Joan Chen.


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