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Harold Smith has agoraphobia and thus does not leave his home. Laura Palmer met him when she delivered him his meals. Laura gave Harold her secret diary for safe-keeping, because BOB can't see him. Harold grows and develops new orchid species in his home.


Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 2Edit

Episode 9Edit

Harold peers through his blinds after there is a knock on his door.

He later calls Donna Hayward, who had left a note at his door, and they arrange to meet.

Episode 10Edit

Donna comes to his home. He tells her about his nature as a shut-in, that he is incapable of going outside. He also says he wishes for her to place an orchid on Laura's grave. He brings it out to her and she goes, saying that she will be back.

Donna comes to his home in the evening, upset over James Hurley apparently falling for Madeleine Ferguson. He goes to get her something to drink.

Episode 11Edit

He has lunch with Donna and they drink to Laura. He shares some of Laura's diary, which he has in his possession. She suggests her turn it into the authorities, but he sees no reason to, as she entrusted him with the diary.

Episode 12Edit

Donna brings Harold lunch and she offers to share her life with him if she can read Laura's diary, but he says he will read it to her and that it cannot leave the room. He takes out a notebook from a hidden compartment of his bookshelf and begins writing what Donna tells him. However, she changes the subject and distracts him. She grabs Laura's diary and backs out the door. He follows her, but collapses when he steps outdoors.

He meets with Donna again, writing down more of her life. She tells him about a time where she and Laura encountered some young men who took them to the woods and skinny-dipped. She says this to have been the first time she fell in love, with one of the young men, named Tim.

Harold 003

He shows his flowers to Donna and he kisses her hand before they share a kiss. He excuses himself. He comes back and hears a sound from his living room, which turns out to be Maddy taking Laura's diary from his bookshelf. Upset, he corners them and scratches his face with a gardening tool.

Episode 13Edit

He expresses his disappointment in Donna lying to him, showing his loss of faith in humanity. He tries to get the diary, but James Hurley bursts in to get the girls, and Harold manages to grab the diary back from Donna.

He sprays his flowers and lets out an anguished scream.

Episode 14Edit

Harold is found dead with scraps of the diary around him, the cause of death being ruled as suicide. His suicide note reads "J'ai une âme solitaire," meaning "I am a lonely soul."

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with MeEdit

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