Invitation to Love title card.

Invitation to Love was a soap opera that aired in Twin Peaks, Washington. Substantially melodramatic, it was known to be viewed by several citizens, including Shelly Johnson[1][2], Leland Palmer[3], Lucy Moran[4], Nadine Hurley[5], and Lawrence Jacoby[5]


Behind the scenesEdit

Invitation to Love is a fictional soap opera created for Twin Peaks. It is seen briefly on TV screens on all episodes from Episode 2 to Episode 7 plus Episode 20. The show sometimes acts as a commentary on events unfolding in Twin Peaks itself, highlighting some of the more outlandish or melodramatic elements of the show.

The most obvious example of this "show-within-a-show" commentary can be found in Episode 3. When Maddy Ferguson first arrives in Twin Peaks, the near-identical cousin of Laura Palmer both played by Sheryl Lee, at the same time an episode of Invitation to Love shows Jade, the identical twin character of Emerald both played by Erika Anderson. The discussion between Leland and Maddy mirrors the one between Jared and Jade. It is also implied in the briefly shown snippet of Invitation to Love that Jade and Emerald have opposite personalities with a kind Jade and a greedy Emerald; much as in Twin Peaks, the sweet and innocent Maddy is diametrically opposed to the dark and secretive Laura.

Another example can be found in Episode 7, when Leo Johnson is shot in a dramatic fashion, and a similar event is shown happening to the character of Montana in Invitation to Love.



  • Mark Frost directed all the Invitation to Love scenes in the Ennis House; they were shot on video.[7]
  • Actor Lance Davis asked for his Invitation to Love credits fake name to be "Martin Padley" because it is the name of his wife's uncle.[7][6]
  • Lynch later reused the motif of a show-within-a-show in his film Inland Empire, which incorporates pieces of his web series, Rabbits.
  • Mark Frost stated in 2017 that the show was still on the air and that the character "Jade" was a big fan.[8]

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