For the realtor, see Irene Littlehorse.
"You want to hear about our specials? We don't have any."[src]

Irene was a waitress at Hap's Diner in Deer Meadow, Washington.


FBI Agents Chester Desmond and Sam Stanley came to the diner before dawn on February 11, 1988 to ask Irene about murdered teenager Teresa Banks, who previously worked at the diner. She told them that the girl was often late and had a cocaine problem. Desmond asked her if she had tried cocaine, to which she said she did not do any drugs. Stanley then pointed out that nicotine and caffeine are drugs. Irene also called Teresa's death a "freak accident." She further told them that Teresa's left arm went numb three days before her death. Stanley then asked to order food and she warned that the diner does not have any specials.[1]

Irene left work later in the morning as Desmond and Stanley got into the former's car.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

A cut line from the shooting script mentions that Irene is married to Jack, the owner of Hap's Diner.[3]



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