"It Was Laura" was a poem written and recited by Harriet Hayward during a dinner with her family, plus Leland and Sarah Palmer and Maddy Ferguson, at the Hayward family home.

It was Laura
And I saw her glowing.
In the dark woods,
I saw her smiling.
We were crying
And I saw her laughing.
In our sadness,
I saw her dancing.
It was Laura,
Living in my dreams.
It was Laura.
The glow was life.
Her smile was to say
It was alright to cry.
The woods was our sadness.
The dance was her calling.
It was Laura,
And she came to kiss me goodbye.

Behind the scenesEdit

The poem was recited in Episode 8 of Twin Peaks and appeared as a hidden track in Twin Peaks: Season Two Music and More.