J.J. Horne was a property developer and heir of Horne's Department Store. He furthered his family's influence in Twin Peaks by conceiving and building the Great Northern Hotel.

Biography Edit

Following the death of Orville Horne, J.J. inherited the family's department store.[1] He married and had two sons, Ben and Jerry. During his boys' childhood in the 1940s or 1950s, Horne broke ground for the Great Northern Hotel, which would later be inherited by his older son, who would also share his apparent liking for cigars.[2]

Horne bought Ben a secondhand Schwinn bicycle, which he painted green and installed a new seat. Despite the bicycle's shortcomings, the younger Horne grew to have fond memories of it.[3]

Behind the scenes Edit

In Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town, Ben's father is instead named Benjamin Horne, Sr. and the hotel was founded in 1927 rather than during Ben's childhood, as presented in Episode 18.



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