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Jacques Renault
Portrayed by
First seen
Last seen
Episode count
Jacques Renault
Also known as
late 30s
Date of birth
Date of death
March 3, 1989
Cause of death
Smothered in his hospital bed by Leland Palmer.
Croupier, Bartender
Family members
Jean Renault - Brother
Bernard Renault - Brother

Jacques Renault, played by Walter Olkewicz, was the second of the three Renault brothers, between his older brother Jean and younger brother Bernard. He used to be a woodcutter until he had to quit that job because of his weight. He then went to other jobs, working as a bartender at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks as well as a croupier and dealer at One-Eyed Jack's, a casino and brothel located across the Canadian border. Together with Leo Johnson, he is running drugs from Canada into Twin Peaks. Both Leo and Jacques had had sexual relations with Laura Palmer the night she was killed, before a fight broke out between the two, which left Jacques unconscious outside the cabin. Afterwards, he fled across the border to Canada.

Having escaped the police, he is later questioned incognito by Agent Cooper at One-Eyed Jack's. Cooper dupes him into returning to Twin Peaks, where he is ambushed and arrested on the charge of murdering Laura Palmer. Having been shot by Deputy Andy Brennan during the arrest, he is taken to hospital, where Laura's father Leland suffocates him, getting revenge on the supposed killer of his daughter.

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