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Janey-E Jones is the wife of Dougie Jones and mother of Sonny Jim Jones.


After Janey-E's husband had been gone for several days with no contact, he apparently showed up one evening. Upset, she smacked him and took him inside, but he was mostly unresponsive. She took the bag he was carrying, finding thousands of dollars in casino winnings, and she felt a wave of happiness since it appeared to be enough to pay off their debts.[1]

The next morning, she assisted Dougie in getting to the bathroom and getting him dressed. She then made him pancakes and coffee for breakfast. When Dougie took a drink of his coffee, he spat it out and grinned, saying "Hi!"[1]

She later counted the money that Dougie won, coming to a total of $425,000. Then noting his strange behavior and the absence of his car, Janey-E begrudgingly took Dougie to work.[2]

Dougie was brought home in the evening by police officers. Janey-E took him inside and made him a sandwich, then told him she planned a doctor's appointment for him the next day. After sending Dougie upstairs to say goodnight to Sonny Jim, she opened an unmarked envelope that was delivered to them, which contained a photo of Dougie with Jade. Angry, she called him down and scolded him before receiving a call from the men who Dougie owed money to, planning to meet them the next day.[3]

Janey-E met with Tommy and Jimmy at the park, where she explained that her family could not afford to pay them back the full $52,000, but paid back Dougie's loan with 25% interest, which she explained to be a generous offer.[3]

When picking up Dougie from work later, detectives revealed to them that Dougie's car had been involved in an explosion. As they left Dougie's place of business, he was attacked by a hitman who he disarmed and subdued with ease.[4]


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