January 10 is the 10th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

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  • 1968Dale Cooper writes a letter to actor Efrem Zimbalist, telling him about his plan to be a Secret Service agent and asking him for advice. He also considers writing a letter to J. Edgar Hoover.[1]
  • 1974 – Cooper goes ski jumping in Fernwood and suffers a fall, breaking his skis.[1]
  • 1978FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is assigned to his first case: a kidnapping in the town of Perrysville. At the scene, Cooper determines that eight-year-old Chris Roe was abducted out his bedroom window and taken away in a car from the nearby road, and finds a used cigarette and a mustache hair. He waits with the family overnight for a ransom call.[1]
  • 1986 – In her sleep, Laura Palmer writes a diary entry about trying to talk to her father at the breakfast table, but he does not listen and takes off his clothes, saying that he saw photos of her performing oral sex on women. When Laura wakes, she is baffled, having not realized that she was asleep when she wrote the entry and ponders if BOB was responsible.[2]

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