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Jean Renault

Jean Renault, played by Michael Parks, is the eldest and most ruthless of the three Renault brothers, but hides his ruthlessness behind a soft-spoken, charming appearance. He is described as being involved in gambling, extortion, drug dealing and other crimes in the Northwest before his first appearance in the series.

He first appears during Blackie's attempt to take control of One Eyed Jack's from owner Benjamin Horne. He reportedly once sold insurance for the brothel to Horne and is also the lover of Blackie's younger sister Nancy.
Jean Renault
Now, he acts as a go-between between Blackie, who's holding Horne's daughter Audrey ransom, and Horne, but he also has a personal score to settle: he wants to get revenge on Agent Cooper, who he blames for the death of his younger brothers. His intentions are thwarted as Cooper and Sheriff Truman infiltrate One-Eyed Jack's and rescue Audrey.

On the night Audrey is rescued, Jean kills Blackie, takes control of the brothel, and acquires the services of Ben Horne's henchman Hank Jennings. Later, he stages a plot to convict Cooper of drug running, leading to Cooper's temporary suspension. He is eventually killed by Cooper during a gun battle at Dead Dog Farm.


Jean Renault's mugshot.

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