Jim was an attendant working at the morgue of Calhoun Memorial Hospital in 1989.

Biography Edit

Jim was present in the morgue when Leland Palmer arrived with Sheriff Truman to positively identify the body of his daughter Laura.[1]

When Dale Cooper arrived to inspect the body, the morgue's fluorescent lights were not functioning properly, for which Jim apologized. Spotting something under the ring fingernail of Laura's left hand, Cooper asked Jim if he could leave them alone for a moment. Jim, apparently mishearing, instead gave his name. After an awkward moment, Cooper repeated his question, and Jim quickly obliged.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

Jim was portrayed by an unknown extra.

Jim mishearing Cooper's question was a real-life blooper: the extra misheard the line, and gave his real first name, prompting Kyle MacLachlan to repeat Cooper's question. David Lynch liked the improvised life-like dialogue and kept it in the final episode.[2]


References Edit

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