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  Miss Jones is Thomas Eckhardt's South African assistant.


Twin Peaks (1990-1991)Edit

Season 2Edit

Episode 21Edit

Jones arrives in Twin Peaks with Eckhardt.

Episode 24Edit

Following Eckhardt's murder and the death of Josie Packard, Jones goes to Catherine Martell to expedite the transport of Eckhardt's body back to Hong Kong. However, Catherine accuses ulterior motives and Jones says she brings a gift. With a gun aimed at her, Jones slowly pulls out a black box "from Thomas." She wishes Catherine luck and leaves.

In the evening, she goes to the Bookhouse, where Sheriff Harry S. Truman -- Josie's lover -- is staying. She incapacitates a Bookhouse Boy guarding the house and goes to Truman, who is sleeping and gets into bed with him.

Episode 25Edit

She puts a hallucinatory liquid on Truman's lips and her own and kisses him. After he says Josie's name, she proceeds to attempt to strangle him with a garrote. However, the sheriff is able to overpower her and knock her out. He takes her into custody and she requests to speak to the South African consulate.

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