For Nicky Needleman's case manager, see Judy Swain

Judy is a person mentioned by FBI Special Agent Phillip Jeffries.


Little is known about Judy aside from that she lived in Seattle in 1987 and Jeffries found something at her home.[1]

During his sudden appearance at the FBI headquarters in 1989, he initially stated that he did not want to talk about her.[2][1]

A monkey, possibly existing within the Black Lodge also spoke Judy's name.[2]


  • Jeffries received a letter during his time in Buenos Aires from a "young lady," who could presumably be Judy.[1]
  • In early drafts of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me's script, it was mentioned by Jeffries that Judy had a sister and writer Robert Engels confirmed that this sister could have been Josie Packard.[3] Since this detail was left out of further drafts, it is assumed to be non-canon.
    • An open letter written by Joan Chen (in character as Josie) to David Lynch in 2017 indicated that she too was aware that Judy was at some point to be Josie's sister.[4]


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