The Jumping Man is one of the Black Lodge spirits present at the meeting between the Man from Another Place and BOB, and is the first to appear in the vision of Philip Jeffries. He wears a white mask and a red suit, and in his hand, holds an unidentified object resembling a slingshot. He jumps around and on a crate, hence his name the "Jumping Man". He never utters a single word.


His red suit is similar to that of the Man from Another Place. His mask is similar to the one worn by Mrs. Chalfont's grandson. Whereas the boy’s mask has only a nose, the mask of the Jumping Man has a mouth and eyes. The "frog moth" creature from Part 8 has a similar nose. Finally, the Jumping Man stops jumping at the signaling of BOB.


Like the other characters who make only a single appearance during the Lodge meeting, the Jumping Man’s precise role or meaning is difficult to pinpoint.

Behind the scenesEdit

Interestingly, the shooting script of "Fire Walk with Me" makes no mention of this character during the Lodge meeting scene.

In Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery bonus feature, "Moving Through Time: Fire Walk with Me Memories", its actor Carlton Lee Russell says, "David told me that my character was this talisman come to life". The footage shifts from his interview to that of The Grandson hopping around like a bird outside the Hotel.

His actor, Carlton Lee Russell, is to appear in the 2017 revival, though it is unknown if he will be reprising this role or playing a new one.


  • His mask is similar to the Venetian 'The Pantalone' mask, which usually represents the joker of the group.
  • His mask is similar to the one of a Heyokah Medicine Man.

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